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NEWS: July 31
•Beata Plonka writes in with an update
•Updated: Early rushes from Makram's wedding
•Updated: Class Briefs

•Updated: Baby pictures

NEWS: July 23
Early rushes from the weddings of Matthew Rose and Rosa-Emilia Moreno

NEWS: July 10
Class Briefs

Baby pictures
Wedding update
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July 31: Beate Plonka, Firenze

This is the first time I got to see our page, so you might not remember me, as I was not extremely e-active in those last 6 years. I am in my favourite place now, Florence, to which I got a little closer recently after being appointed a Visiting Professor in Trento. Otherwise, I am still a project manager of EU education programs in Poland, and since I get to travel to UK and France quite a lot, I would be happy to meet SAIS-ers, if there are any in those countries, or Italy, or somewhere near Poland. I have just had a chance to chat with Aideen Mannion—I am really sorry that she is leaving a nearby Prague, and returning to the States. Just in case, I am leaving two addresses: bplonka@yahoo.com and bplonka@mzsa.uj.edu.pl.

Cheers, Beata Plonka


Updated July 31: Stefan Geens, New York

Here is the first installment of pictures from Makram and Jennifer's wedding on Cape Cod.

Among others in attendance at the dinner were Serra Ayral, all the way from Geneva, and Rob Wright. The next day, on the boat trip to Martha's Vineyard, the American flag at the back of the boat proved too potent a prop to ignore for Andrew Stephens and Glenn Manoff. They've always struck me as such model citizens...

July 23: Stefan Geens, New York

Here are some early rushes from some of the more recent SAIS weddings that I'm aware of. Expect a fuller treatment soon, as well as pictures from Makram and Jennifer's wedding...

This would be Matthew and Kim dancing to a bluegrass band at their wedding in Oregon,..

And this would be Michael Braun in the midst of a familiar facial expression of his—this particular one was induced by Monique Wise. Both were in Oregon.

Rosa-Emilia Moreno and Itay Livni moments after the deed in the DR. Don't they look a bit ridiculously happy?

John/Eurof Uppington takes an sudden sober interest in the bridal veil, while Rosa and Ayse look here.


Updated July 31: Stefan Geens, New York

Osten Johansson and Lisa Gold's Lucia is turning into a bright young thing. Here is the evidence:

July 10: Stefan Geens, New York

There are SAIS babies galore out there. Here are two I've met recently:

This is Joseph, Veronique dWdW and Reyer's baby. Very well-behaved kid, and knows how to act up for the camera already. This picture ws taken at the wedding of Rosa Emilia Moreno and Itay, in the Dominican Republic—you'll see more about that soon.

And this is not quite the close-up of all-SAIS baby Lotte I was hoping for, but the picture does show off the attentive parents, Uta Harnishfeger and Tom Atkins. This picture was taken July 4 weekend on Cape Cod, at the wedding of Makram Ouaiss and Jennifer.


Updated July 31: Stefan Geens, New York

Robert Daniels adds his email to the mailroom.

July 10: Stefan Geens, New York

Over the past few months, the following people have updated their emails. Look for them in the mailroom:

   Susannah Gold
   Joachim Alpen
   Cathy Lewis
   Ivailo Partchev
   Gilles Fellens
   David Garrigos}
   Anthony Randazzo

   Amelia Hougen
   Martin Buhr

Among other things, Cathy writes, "After 3 years working for Belgacom, and numerous (though work-filled) visits to Belgium, I am annoyed with myself for not making a greater attempt to locate SAIS classmates..."

Ivo writes, "I am in Jena, Germany now, with a new e-mail address to go with. So now I have e-mail here, e-mail there, one in Munich, one in Sofia, one in Jena, one at yahoo and one which I, unsuspecting of the reason why yahoo was down, made at email.com, on THAT very day..."

David writes, "I am working for the UN covering Kosovo and Albania (posted in Tirana)..."

Anthony writes, "I am still working as Regional Director for FSVC, but in our new office in Skopje, Macedonia (not to be confused with FYROM) in the heart of Southeastern Europe (not to be confused with the Balkans.)

"SAIS alumni encounters: I was recently visited by Antonio Parenti in Skopje, who was on a 48 hour EU mission. We had dinner together and caught up on nearly 5 years of post-SAIS history.

"I also ran into David Garrigos, who is currently working for the UNDP in Albania. Since I am also working in Tirana, we usually see each other when I am there. We have met twice for breakfast and have gone swimming at the Hotel Rogner Europapark (a five star fantasy-land resort hotel in a one star emerging market basket case.)"

Martin writes, "I've become a dot.commie for mommy, and am living in San Francisco..."


July 10: Stefan Geens, New York

For me, it's two down, two to go. It's a summer of SAIS weddings, and my reserve of vacation days is disappearing faster than the electricity supply in a New York heat wave.

The season kicked off with an extravaganza on the Dominican Republic, ancestral home of Rosa-Emilia Moreno, who married Itay, who's been hanging around SAIS since Bologna and is thus well-known to the community at large.

A full report is in the works, so watch this space. Before heading back to NYC, I managed to lose 4 days on an utterly tourist-free beach in a nature reserve on the north-east coast of the DR, with Zach Messitte and the newlyweds. There was a lot of Scrabble played, books read, bodies surfed, horses ridden and beaches combed. If you need to need to escape city life completely, this is the perfect place for you—simple cabins in a coconut grove on the edge of rice paddies and skirting a 5-mile pristine beach. Email me for details.

All this high adventure was followed nary two weeks later with the marriage of Makram Ouaiss to Jennifer, an event infused with all the elegance of Cape Cod. Expect more pics on this site soon as well.

Next is Matthew Rose and Kim, who get married next weekend in Oregon. There'll be a pig on the spit. You can find out all about it on their website.

Finally it will be Joachim Alpen and Elise's turn, in Stockholm early August. And that will mean no more vacation days for me until January 1, 2001.