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Friday, June 29, 2001
Sophia and Jansci Strohmeyer had a baby, Zoe, in early May 2001. Here is what Jansci wrote:

Sophia and Zoe are leaving the hospital tomorrow; and we will hopefully all three be at home together until the end of the month, before, work's duties call me back.

(Picture of Zoe)

The hospital was actually an absolute success. We were the only ones in the obstetrics station and had all staff attending Zoe and Sophia. So, at the time of birth we had a full "party" going in the delivery room with three doctors and three nurses. The remaining days have been similar with all of them caring for the two ladies. I was able to stay at the hospital with Sophia and the baby in a big bed. So, it's more like a hotel than a hospital. We don't understand how it is economically poissible to maintain itself, but hope that it does not go broke before our next child is born.

Thanks again for all your sweet notes and wishes.


Zoe, Sophia & Jancsi
Zoe, Sophia, & Jancsi Strohmayer
Jozsef Attila utca 10/20
1051 Budapest

Tel. & Fax - home: (36) (1) 235 0995
Mobile - Sophia: (36) (20) 345 3175
Mobile - Jancsi: (36) (20) 333 0038

Zach Messitte is currently in Italy watching over his brainchild, Basketball without Borders: Here is a piece he wrote a little while ago:

Basketball without Borders: “Ko_arka bez granica”

The idea germinated on the court at Giardino Margherita in Bologna.

The afternoons on that hallowed ground, during the 1993-1994 campaign, where the rebounding of Sava “Vlade” Tatic (FR Yugoslavia) meshed with the no look passes of Craig “Cjac” Jacoby (USA); and the defense of Andrew “The Hassler” Rechtman (Australia) blended with the sweetness of a Cole “waterboy” Frates (USA) fade away jump shot; and power of Makram “Shaq” Ouaiss (Lebanon) clicked with the run-and-gun style of Glenn “Philly” Manoff (USA).

Yes, that is where the seed for Basketball without Borders was planted. Hoops for Peace.

Today that seed has flowered into a United Nations-National Basketball Association-Benetton joint project. Nancy Meech (now the wife of Sava “Vlade” Tatic) and I are running the UN angle from Vienna and New York.

Here’s the scoop on the camp. Any advice or help that can be provided from classmates who now work for big multinationals that might want to become a co-sponsor would be much appreciated.

Basketball without Borders is a UN/NBA/Benetton summer camp for boys (aged 12-14) from Slovenia, Croatia, Former Republic of Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. It will take place between 29 June - 2 July 2001 at Benetton's international headquarters in Treviso, Italy.

The goal of the camp is to highlight sport as a means to overcoming differences and real life problems, like drug abuse and the recent history of the Balkan region. The camp is designed to bring together a group of young people whose love of basketball transcends the past ten years of violence in the former Yugoslavia. Positive messages about working together, leadership and living a healthy, drug-free life will be infused into the basketball instruction.

Knowing your knowledge of Europe and experience in Brussels, I thought you might have some ideas about European corporate sponsors who may be interested in the camp. I have attached a list of benefits for corporations, but it is also a chance for European businesses to show that they are good global corporate citizens. I think this is the reason that Benetton has been such an enthusiastic sponsor.

I don't know if you are a basketball fan but the NBA players committed to attend the camp include some of the biggest stars in the game: Vlade Divac (FR Yugoslavia: Sacramento Kings), Toni Kukoc (Croatia: Atlanta Hawks), Zan Tabak (Croatia: Indiana Pacers), Peja Stojakovic (FR Yugoslavia: Sacramento Kings), Alex Radojevic (FR Yugoslavia: Denver Nuggets), Rasho Nesterovic (Slovenia: Minnesota Timberwolves), Dalibor Bagaric (Croatia: Chicago Bulls), Dragan Tarlac (FR Yugoslavia: Chicago Bulls), Bruno Sundov (Croatia: Indiana Pacers). European basketball players Vrbica Stefanov (FYROM) and Nenad Markovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) also will help conduct the camp.

For more on the camp, visit our web site

From Andrew Stephens, circa early February 2001:

Dear Friends,

Here are some photos of Valentina Montanari Stephens,
born February 4 weighing 6 lbs, 15 oz, (3.2 kg). We
are all doing great and are very happy.

Andrew and Emanuela

From Aideen Mannion, around mid-May:

Hello, everyone!!

I am moving to Connecticut tomorrow - my new address as of May 18th is:

Aideen Mannion
53 Prospect Street, Apt. 205
Stamford, CT 06901

I do not have a telephone number yet - I will send that along as soon as I
have one....in the meantime, I can always be reached on my cell -
610-470-8215. This email address will remain the same.

Hope all is well in your respective corners of the world!!

From Makram Ouais a few weeks ago:

Dear Friends,
Greetings and we hope you are doing well. Jennifer and I wanted to inform you of our address change now that we are fully moved and that our house is finally "functional"! We would love to have you over if you are visiting or feel like taking some time off and coming to DC.

1431 Meridian Place, NW
Washington, DC 20010
t: (202)265-9172 (same as old number)
c: (202) 352-3352

Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Jennifer and Makram

News from Dan Prieto, received a few weeks ago:

Job update:
I left AOL Time Warner after 2.5 years as Director of Corporate Development in January 2001. I'm currently on "sabbatical" trying to figure out what to do next. I've been keeping busy the last few months traveling, rehabbing a knee I blew out skiing in Canada in March, and advising several start up technology companies. I'm contemplating joining one of the startups full time, doing venture capital work, or switching tracks completely by going back to public policy or becoming a stand up comic. I'll keep you posted. Since I've done such a good job so far of narrowing my choice set, I'm sure I'll have an update soon (yeah right!)

Social update:
In March, I went out to Napa, where I had a great time hanging out with Andrew Torre, Michelle Magoidoff, Martin Buhr, Julie Wurfel, Bill Bishop, Casey Sullivan(SAIS 95) and Harp Grewal, Sharon French Grewal, Katie W., and Cameron K. (Bologna 93, DC 94). Andrew (who is also rehabbing a torn ACL in his knee) and his wife Alex graciously hosted a dinner for me and for James Green (SAIS 95) who was in town visiting from Beijing China where he works for the state department. Julie also was nice enough to host me and James for a few glorious days in Napa valley.

Martin Buhr came and visited me in DC in April right before my knee surgery. We had a such a fun time hanging out in DC that, he has added it back to the "cities he would live in" list, after disavowing it for a few years as "not fun enough".

In June, I will be attending a wedding with Eve Hamilton (SAIS 95). Her brother is getting married in NYC.

In July, I will be going to Morocco on a World Affairs Council San Francisco trip. One of the trip leaders is Cameron K. (SAIS 94). From Morocco, I'll be headed to meet Martin Buhr, Julie Wurfel (SAIS 95) and Megan Marshall (Bologna 93, DC 94) at a villa we are renting for a week in Sicily. After that, Martin and I are planning to visit Chris Mueller (B 93, DC 94) in Paris.

I'll send updates as the summer progressses.

That's it for now. Hope all is going well with everyone who might read this. Drop me a line at danprieto@aol.com. Phone numbers for me are H: 202-483-1011, C: 703-593-2826

best regards,

(Picture: Bill Bishop, Dan and Julie Wurfel at dinner at Andrew Torre's house in San Francisco in March. )

News from Ben Neaderland, received yesterday:

"Being back in DC for for a few months, I ventured to the SIGHS site to see what was going on and followed the link to your site. It looks great! How is everything going?

I got married a month ago (5/26) and my wife Katherine and I are working at DC law firms for the summer."

Wednesday, June 27, 2001
What's this?

You might have noticed over the past year (repeatedly, by a look at the usage statistics) that Sighs has been somewhat stagnant of late. The novelty of manually building a website wore off, I'm afraid, and I just didn't have the time to automate the process. But not anymore! I expect to have rather a lot of free time this summer, and I'm working to turn this site into a much more robust place, where updates take minutes, not hours. So bear with me over the coming weeks, and visit often, as I plan to update the backlog of contributions I've been getting as well as the look and feel of this place.

In the meantime, visit StefanGeens.com, where I've been testing some of the scripts I plan to use here.