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Tuesday, August 28, 2001
A pictorial of Tonje's wedding is finally up. Look out for the obligatory SAIS photo.

Beth West writes:

During my "lunch break" (i.e. time during the day when I feel justified doing personal things as opposed to the time during the day when I should actually be doing work but just need to do something else other than read fascinating security documents about some financing in Egypt), I wandered onto the Sighs website in the hopes of a gossip update. And of course, I realized that for the first time in ages, I've actually changed something in my life and should therefore provide an update myself.

So, I've gone and moved to sunny London. With a combination of luck and too many long hours in the New York office, I've been able to transfer with my large French bank employer and get to live the plush life as an expat. I've tripled the size of my living space, and despite the scathing remarks from one Matthew Rose, I actually like my little Notting Hill neighborhood. Yes, it's posh now, yes, the travel bookshop (which is quite good) has newspaper articles about Julia Roberts on the wall, and yes, there are far too many expensive shoe shops on Westbourne Grove. However, I've got nice public gardens on my street, the best fruit and veg in town can be found at the Portobello Road market so that I can actually use those cooking skills that were sitting latent during the New York years, and I have extraordinarily nice neighbors. And unlike most new, posh N.H. residents, I even stayed during Carnival which provides the only time in London life when one can wander through the middle of the street and break into dance without either getting hit by a car or committed. This is a very good thing.

As for work, well, I'm slowly realizing that it's not the be-all, end-all of life, so I actually get to enjoy the city in which I live. So, the Proms, theatre, loads of non-Hollywood film, etc., etc. and I'm quite the happy girl.

I popped over to the Netherlands two weekends ago at the invitation of Hylke Faber in order to spend some time on the Faber family farm in Friesland and to participate in the Wadeloppen (I know the spelling is wrong, but this is the traditional Dutch mud walk, in which, at low tide, one can walk along the sea floor without diving equipment). The wonderful Gioia Marini and Sebastian Reyn joined as well and are soon to be home owners in Amsterdam. I'll make Hylke send some photos.

My new contact info is:
Beth West
41 Colville Terrace
London W11 2BX
home: 44 20 7243 6535
beth_a_west@hotmail.com or

Sunday, August 12, 2001
Stefan Geens writes:

Wedding season is in full swing, and the first results are trickling in. Here are the SAIS weddings I know of:

Manuel Terranova married Marzia on June 17, 2001, just south of San Francisco. It was a beautiful day, the ceremony was very moving, and the couple was very very happy. Here's proof.

Tonje Vetleseter married Auran in Oslo on August 4. More pics are forthcoming, but here is an early rush.

And, of course, Ayse ilkorur is getting married to Cem in Istanbul on August 31, 2001.

Tuesday, August 07, 2001
Monica Neal Hertzman writes:
Hi all,

I thought I wrote to sighs.com after we moved, but apparently I didn't. Adam
and I moved to Los Angeles last July, and since November I've been working at
the RAND Corporation as a web site producer. My traveling email address is
monica_hertzman@hotmail.com; work is hertzman@rand.org, and my
home/freelancing account is monica@pubspro.com. My snail address is:

Monica Hertzman
10937 Wilkins Avenue #204
Los Angeles, CA 90024

That said, Adam and I will actually be in Rotterdam in September and October;
he'll be studying at the Rotterdam School of Management, and I'll be working
from RAND's European headquarters in Leiden. I'd love to hear from/get
together with any SAISers who are in the Benelux area.

We're also planning a three week trip to Australia and New Zealand in
December, and any recommendations on what islands to visit along the Great
Barrier Reef would be much appreciated!

Glad to hear so many of our classmates are doing so well and are being so

Take care,
Monica (Neal) Hertzman