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Friday, September 28, 2001
I've just updated the mailroom's email addresses. Please check and see if you know of any ommissions or out-of-date addresses--thanks.

Jame DiBiasio wrote on Sept. 26:

Bolognese are moving in and out of Asia.
Thanos Kafopolous is the number two at the Greek embassy in Tokyo. Among his
duties are flying around the country to preside over Greek-themed restaurant
openings at hotels and shoot starter guns at local self-styled Olympic sport
contests. He has recently acquired a beautiful BMW but hasn't figured out
Tokyo's meandering and poorly signed streets. Mix in diplomatic plates and
the result is a bit harrowing.
Manami Terashima has also been back in Tokyo for quite some time. She has
jumped from ABN AMRO to Jardine Fleming, now part of Chase JPMorgan.
David Garrigos-Soliva has fled Albania for the Philippines, where he is
working at the Asian Development Bank. Manila is only marginally better than
Tirana, so he and his Albanian girlfriend Antela visited Hong Kong for the
weekend. The ADB is quite posh but very Japanese, which means rather formal
and bureaucratic, and Abu Sayyef gangsters have made many of the country's
beautiful beachs off limits. Difficult times for our friends in the Phils.
Rebecca Paterson was in Singapore as a currency maven for JPMorgan but I
believe she has now left for either London or New York to get married, but
not, as rumour had it, to Lee Kwan Yew's grandson.
Martin and Becky Spicer recently moved to Bangkok with the IFC, where Martin
continues to work on infrastructure projects (including wrangling over the
finances of Bangkok's new Sky Train). They now have two little boys,
Nathaniel and newcomer Jeremy, whose first words are reportedly "pat pong."
I haven't seen Becky (Martin was in Hong Kong for business) but if I recall
correctly, she is wrapping up her PhD dissertation and also working.
Jonathan Sinclair is wrapping up his posting for the British High Commission
(i.e. embassy for Commonwealth countries) in New Delhi. He leaves next
summer for new pastures. A pleasant autumn has turned frenzied after the
terrorist attacks in America. India is close to the front lines and has a
complex relationship with Pakistan, and Jon is deeply involved in
representing British interests in this new global crisis.
I'm still in Hong Kong, managing editor at FinanceAsia, a local independent
publisher of magazines and an eponymous website. Not married yet, no book
published yet, and my Mandarin is a disgrace. Otherwise everything's cool.
Anyone passing through town is more than welcome to contact me for a tour or
to meet up for a beer.
Ciao tutti,
Jame DiBiasio

Jame DiBiasio
Managing Editor, FinanceAsia
check out our website: www.financeasia.com
tel. (852) 2122 5237 fax (852) 2122 5210
e-mail: jame.dibiasio@financeasia.com

Guido Sandulli wrote on Sept. 25:

Hey everybody,

Good to see everyone survived the last few weeks. Makes the arrival of all
those babies that much more special.

A bunch of things on my end. I got my MBA from Yale, got married, spent a
month in China and moved to San Francisco to work for IBM -- and that was
all in the last three months or so. We are living in Berkeley, where my
wife Becky is getting a public policy degree. We plan on being out here
for a few years yet, so please drop us line if you are around.


Jame DiBiasio wrote on Sept. 5:

Ciao tutti,
or perhaps I should say konichiiwa, as I am currently in Tokyo, where I seem
to be a lot these days. I'm still living in Hong Kong, finishing out my
fifth year here, but my job takes me frequently to Japan. I write about
asset management around the region; the big picture is that a global trend
of ageing, a demographic tsunami that is slamming most of the world, and
which is going to drench Japan first. I can relate, as it is a Sunday, and I
am still recovering from Friday night. Hangovers - serious ones - seem to
cling to me nowadays like a pilot fish to a shark.

Friday night was, I admit, egregious. It began at a velvety library sort of
cocktail bar in Shibuya, migrated to a shack in Aoyama that served the best
pina coladas I've ever had (fresh coconut), and eventually to a number of
random bars in high rises in and around Roppongi. At one point I do believe
I was hugging blacktop pavement, but recovered and ended the night knees
pressed against a Manchester lass who had formerly been a hostess in Japan's
water trade but due to a motorcycle accident that bashed her up a bit was
now...er, I forget. Something to do with holiday packages.

I digress from my main point, which is that I am rapidly turning into a
creaky jumble of bones. These all-nighters are for the young. While I'm not
old, strictly speaking, I'm not 26, like when I first came out this way.
Actually my problem is not that ten hours of mixing drinks wipes me out for
a day and a half, but that with age, I still lack wisdom. I thought the
payoff was we get smarter but I just seem to get stupider. Exhibit A: I keep
pulling all-nighters even though the next day (um, days) I hurt like hell.
You married people have it made.

Perhaps more dangerous, however, is hanging out with Thanos, who is the
number two at the Greek embassy in Tokyo. He just had his car delivered, and
was eager to drive when we met for dinner. He lives in the genteel district
of Hiroo, and wanted to go to a restaurant in nearby Ebisu. But he hasn't
learned how to get around, and frankly the roads are not clear. The whole
city is a winding maze and the signage is poor; the concept of street
addresses doesn't help, as most buildings are numbered based on the date
they went up, not their order, and many roads don't even have names. This
did not deter our diplomat from driving at full speed as if he knew the
place, and having the license plates does give one a certain flexibility in
adhering to local traffic codes. What can I say, I recommend you wear a

I expect to remain in Hong Kong for a while. I gotta get my options to vest.
And it's fun. And I'm still working on my Mandarin. So if anyone is passing
through, don't hesitate to look me up. Hope y'all had a pleasant summer.

Jame DiBiasio
Managing Editor, FinanceAsia
check out our website: www.financeasia.com
tel. (852) 2122 5237 fax (852) 2122 5210
e-mail: jame.dibiasio@financeasia.com

Chris Donat wrote on Aug 30:

Adrianna and I have joined the ranks of the married with kids crowd. We've
posted photos of our son Cole.
Adrianna has abandoned the dot.com world of Excite@Home for full-time
motherhood. I've also given up on the Internet side of the New Economy.
I've left Robertson Stephens and am now working for a biotech crossover fund
with offices in Zurich and San Francisco. We're happy, healthy, pleasantly
sleep-deprived, and still living in Oakland, California.

Christopher R. Donat
Brilleon Capital
415-248-4004 work
415-215-8005 mobile
415-248-4340 fax

Tuesday, September 11, 2001
I'm fine--go to stefangeens.com for more