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Monday, May 06, 2002
Jill Russell writes:

Well, it's getting to the point where enough people know that it will soon get beyond my control, so here it is.

There will be a baby Russell Kubicki arriving in the fall, first week of November to be exact - or as exact as these things can go!

Small problem with the timing - if the birth date is the 10th (Marine Corps Birthday) then the child might end up with a name like Smedley or Lemuel. Yipes!

Slightly bigger problem with the timing - Adam will be in Okinawa. Yep, our timing is perfect, he's on his way to the rock for a year at the end of June. So, I'll have no one to torment for those last months, no one to blame in the delivery room, and I'll have no one to poke for the 2 AM feedings. But, it's what we're used to in this crazy Marine life. On the plus side, it has clarified for Adam all the issues about parenthood - he was scared, but now he is excited - and a little sad that he will be away.

So, I'll be moving to rural New Jersey, to be closer to family. I'll be in the small town where my dad lives, which will be very nice. As I'll have to take a year off from school he'll be good to be near, as he is a major history buff, and will be like a private tutor for me. Plus, all my New York family will be near as well.

The pregnancy has been interesting - no puking just crying. I've taken a very laid back attitude to the whole thing. People keep asking me what I've been reading. Maybe it's because I'm in school, but the last thing I want to do is study for this! So, it's been a very anti-intellectual event, just sort of going with what happens and trying to be mellow, following the doctor's advice, of course, but mostly chilling out. Hardest thing to give up - cigarettes were out last November - has been the caffeine. God, I miss my coffee!!

Before he leaves we will be off to New Hampshire for my ten year college reunion. (Ok, it's been 11 years, but Dartmouth does things differently.) I made it a requirement that he not leave until after - I wanted to go, but I was NOT going to show up pregnant and alone with a story about a husband that was 'away.' I'm really looking forward to it - I haven't been back in a long time, and Adam's not spent much time in New England. Since it's where we will want to end up when (whenever that is!) he get's out of the Marine Corps, it will be an advanced recon trip.

Oh, last but not least, he's been selected for promotion to Major. Should be happening some time in the summer.

Well, that's about it.


Saturday, May 04, 2002
Manuel Terranova writes:

Last month, I was promoted to CIO of General Electric Oil&Gas. The GE O&G business has some 6000 people worldwide, makes compressors, turbines and all kinds of impressive machinery used in collecting, pipelining, and distributing natural gas and oil (http://www.gepower.com/geoilandgas/index.html). And I will confess, that before my interview, I had to look up how an oil well works...on the web, of course.

With that, Marzia and I will be moving to Florence, Italy (headquarters) for what promises to be another great couple of years with GE.

We do not have an address yet, but my cell phone is 348 8956010 (from the U.S., you dial 011, then 0039 for Italy, then 348 8956010). My office number is 055 4232370. I will continue using my Yahoo email address (manuel_terranova@yahoo.com) --and I do check it daily-- but you can also reach me on my work email (manuel.terranova@np.ge.com).

Selling the house in the U.S. occurred in about a week, but finding a place in Florence has proven to be a challenge. As soon as we have a permanent address, Marzia and I will be sure to communicate. We will be in a temporary residence in Florence starting June 1st.