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Wednesday, June 26, 2002
Osten sent in this picture:

Lukas Johansson was born on May 6, 2002. In this picture, Lucia is helping dad feed him.

Mojgan Sami writes:

After spending nearly 6 years in Israel and Africa on various media, social and economic development projects, I am now back in Washington DC with all the old friends... Yamilee, Beata, John, Rodrigo, Arend, Makram, and others that I haven't yet seen.... it's wonderful to reconnect with everyone. I am currently working on a short-term project with the World Bank's International Law department. Let's hope that other projects come quickly... otherwise, Burger King may get another employee... he he.

Sunday, June 16, 2002
Anyone have a current email for David Garrigos-Soliva? An old mate of his is trying to get in touch. Email me at stefan@sighs.com.

Also, Rodrigo Villarreal’s alumni website is back up, at http://www.SAISbologna.org.

Perhaps it's time for me to do an update. I do have news: I'm moving to Stockholm in September, after 6 years in new York. Six years is somewhat of a record for me for staying in one place, but the itch to move on was aided by a visa that was running out, grandparents (in Belgium) that aren't getting any younger, and a couple of projects I'd like to try for which Stockholm is a better place. Anybody in Stockholm I wasn't previously aware of? Joachim is there, of course, with Elise, as well as Helena Gustavson (sp?).

The way my summer looks is that I will spend the second half of August in Israel, visiting the parents (my dad is posted there for Belgium's foreign service) and then head on over to the Greek isles to witness the marriage of John/Eurof Uppington. You heard right, he is marrying the lovely Yanna, a Greek, hence the location. By mid-September then, I should be on my way to Stockholm--perhaps via Sarajevo and Krakov, time permitting.