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Tuesday, October 08, 2002
John Gaffney (JOHN.M.GAFFNEY(at)saic.com) writes:

After an eventful year and a half as a freelance consultant, I've landed (for the second time) back with SAIC, the big IT services contractor for the government. In the end, this felt like the right choice given the "nuclear winter" in the commercial software and telecom industries where I'd found a niche previously. It's scary, what's happening there; I don't see an end to the depression in those industries. I feel very lucky to be able to fall back on my defense/government background. This option allows us to stay in San Diego for now, and that's a big plus. We were not necessarily enthusiastic about moving to the unaffordable Bay Area or the cold winters of the East Coast.

In this incarnation, I'm doing strategy for a $350 MM group that's largely focused on DoD and homeland security (well, for better or worse, those are the areas with a lot of activity right now).

Meanwhile, the kids are thriving. Christina is 3 and highly articulate, if a bit subject to the occasional fit of temper; overall, she's a sweet, bright kid. Jon-Jon (now 10 months) is a like one of those crawling toys -- you just put him on the floor and he goes. If he falls over, he rights himself automatically and keeps going. He's a placid, happy baby, and a lot of fun. Melinda is still working part time in media relations for her non-profit. We had a nice trip, sans kids, to Maui, about a month back. As wonderful as children are, a break from them can be wonderfully restorative. We hiked the rainforests and drove the Hana Road (600 twists and turns), as well as walking in the lunar landscape of Haleakala Volcano national park. I highly recommend this for folks on the West Coast if you've not tried it. It's about a 5 hour plane trip, and, while Maui can be crowded in spots, it's quite possible to get away from the madding crowd to some pretty secluded spots.

Monday, October 07, 2002
And it's time I write as well...

So I've moved to Stockholm. I'm still working for an options trading company in New York, but in the meantime I am looking for clients here as I start up my own small business doing technology consulting for small businesses. Self-referential, I know. Of course, there are other SAISers here, including Joachim Alpen, who now has a kid, David, with Elise, who is Mara Galaty's (SAIS '96 I believe) sister.

I've started taking Swedish lessons, exploring the nightlife, finding a gym, etc... Lots to do--Stockholm is a beautiful city, though it did snow briefly this morning.

Summer was eventful; the SAIS highlight being John Uppington's wedding to Yianna, who is from Greece. The wedding was duly held on a Greek island, Andros, and there was a good SAIS contingent present: Rosa-Emilia Moreno, Matthew Rose, Joachim, Charles Kennny, myself...

In the next few months I have a few changes in store for sighs.com. It's been quite a few years since we've graduated from SAIS, but I think a news page like this still serves a purpose. However, I think I am going to fold it into a larger whole, with a password protected area for storing email addresses (spam bots are all over the place). Let me know if you have any ideas or feedback. Does this page serve a purpose? email me at stefan@sighs.com.

Jenny Gayer (now Gelman) wrote 3 Oct:

Hello SAISers!

Things have changed a lot since my last post. I finished a Masters in Library Science in December 2000, and got married to Michael Gelman in April 2001. I worked at the U.S. Agency for International Library for a year and a half, and I now work as an Information Specialist for the Academy for Educational Development, a non-profit that does development work in the U.S. & overseas. Michael and I recently bought a house in Silver Spring. I'm in contact with quite a few SAIS folks, but welcome contact from others.