I'm doing fine. The Senator [Cohen, Republican, Maine, for whom Ben works] has unfortunately decided to retire after November, so the job search, so recently ended, is about to start again, but at least I have a job while I am looking.

We have finally settled in together after a year and a half of a two-city marriage. Becky graduated from Johns Hopkins with a Master in Public Health back in May, 1995 and is working on cost-benefit analysis of injury control programs at a non-profit just outside of Washington called Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation. Martin finished the MBA portion of the SAIS/Wharton joint degree program in December and is now enjoying the rather leisurely pace of academic life at SAIS. He is also consulting to the Auction Division of the Wireless Bureau at the Federal Communications Commission, where he is writing an international survey on spectrum assignment for wireless communications. He hasn't secured a full-time job yet, but is continuing to pursue opportunities in the Washington area at Sprint International, Iridium, the IFC and other companies.

Please note that my email address has changed: kubicki@cci-29palms.com (the first "cci." is gone.) ... Had a good look at Sirius the other night. [Jill recently bought a telescope] We want to do some lunar exploration, but it is too bright to look at, so we have to wait to get a filter. Things here are pretty good -- it's starting to warm up already -- yipes.

Yes, Matthew Rose IS a staff reporter at the Wall Street Journal Europe, and in a celebration of every copyright violation known to Man Sighs is proud to announce the unabridged version of his latest exploit... an exposé of Dutch skating mania. Note the authorative comments by a certain professor Kapteyn, who is only coincidentally related to SAIS Alumnus Arend Kapteyn.

Read his article, which mentions nothing of my grandfather's surprise third place showing in in the Elfstedentocht of 1942.

Believe it or not, I got hold of Ivailo Partchev's e-mail address in Bulgaria. It is BAFE@BULMAIL.SPRINT.COM. It is a shared address, so that anyone who writes to him has to indicate his name. He is working with NDI on election polls in Bulgaria and is setting up a polling system for Albania next.

Finally got some electronic connection to the outside world from work. (Telephoning investment bankers on Wall Street doesn't count.) ... Things are well at Institutional Investor newsletters. The only problem is that there is a dearth of sex, drugs and violence in the area that I cover. I'll have to dig deeper. In case you haven't yet heard, my SAIS colleagues here have moved on. Monique Wise is at Bloomberg Business News, where she covers FX on the wires. Ann Swenson joins The Economist Intelligence Unit on Monday.

Tom Jacobs called me from Kyrgyzstan last night. He begged and pleaded for communication from his SAIS brethren. It's cold and lonely in Bishkek at this time of year, and Tom's Russian doesn't get him very far with the local women (who are virtually indistinguishable from yaks). Therefore, he wants as many warm, loving e-mails as he can get.

His address, which he shares with a colleague is: caaefbsh@sovam.com

The annual Alumni Weekend for the Bologna Center will be 3-5 May 1996 in Bologna. Anyone interested in attending should get in touch with the Alumni Office here at the Center via telephone at 39/ or via fax at 39/ or can contact the Alumni Office at SAIS Washington (phone: 1/202.663.5641 or fax: 1/202.663.5639). Thanks.

[See what's showing at the movies in Bologna tonight.]