Since I'm finally graduating from SAIS I've been forced into the commercial email world. Please change my email address to: Thanks.

Last week, the Iron Lady was in Atlanta for a motivational conference, where she gave her views on history and world politics. Osten (her biggest fan) and I (only an admirer) were stunned by her charisma, clarity, and strength. She oozes confidence and determination. If any of you SAISers ever have the chance to see her (Jay Backstrand already has), I would highly recommend it. Quite the unforgettable experience, whether you're a Thatcherite or not.

Also on the agenda were Larry King, Christopher Reeve, Bonnie Blair and others. For all of us who are subject to occasional whining, listening to Christopher Reeve relay his experience was moving. He said an injury such as his "doesn't change a person, it magnifies what that person is, distills their essential qualities..." He seems more of a "Superman" now than ever.

Enough motivation for a while...

[I still think Larry King is a lecherous fawning idiot, undoubtedly motivated--but by what? Whatever it is, it's bound to be below the belt...literally. Re Thatcherism: My favourite Bolognese intellectual spectacle shall forever remain McCarthy's rather Trojan defense of her ladyship during the debate concerning her legacy.]

Another new address--Ivette Barbeite's: Don't know anything else, though.

My housewarming party came and went but not before I realized well into the third bottle of gin that while SAIS people are renowned for holding their liquor, journalists obsenely embrace theirs--in public, no less. Which doesn't bode well for SAIS journalists. Needless to say the last six people to trundle out the door were colleagues at Knight Ridder Financial.

There were no events of gossip caliber, quite possibly due to a new cyberphenomenon: The Internet seems to promote an inverse moral hazard in that all sexual/flirtatious real-world digressions now can--and are--instantly and electronically reported and then multiplied into a brood of messages scurrying around the planet. Digressions, ironically, now carry more weight--they are relived over and over with each successive "cc:"; an echo which if sustained long enough will eventually, inevitably return to point an accusative and embellished virtual finger at the original digressor. This oh so Catholic modus vivendi is not new, per se, but it is new to the internet. Virtual shame. Ignore at your own peril. Please:-)

I saw Kathryn newsome while I was out biking (personal mental health day). For the record... Kathryn had a baby girl. Her name is Alexandria Katlyn.

I am still contracted at the [American] Society [of International Law] (they keep asking me back)...

First, in the For Whom The Bells Toll dept., Sebastian Reyn and Gioia Marini this summer in Bologna, Joe Wozniak and a mysterious "Kate" in early October in--of all places--St. Pete's in Rome. Joe has connections, it seems. Joe may be found/congratulated/abused at GUIASSOC@ACCESS.DIGEX.COM. That address is shared with coworkers, so let's keep the filthy innuendo flowing his way!

Rob Daniels works for Andersen Consulting in NYC, I hear he does "computer stuff" like me... Not to quibble with Julia, but I have a different version of the Sava/Nancy itinerary which I think post-dates her info: still to Prague, but via Greek islands (will Thanos shoot on sight?) and Albania, then Belgrade.

News from Charles Kenny:

He is indeed working at the World Bank, for three months, where he is doing regression analysis in a bid to hone in on what factors cause economic growth in a country. You'd think the World Bank, of all places, would know that by now. He said it was "not very exciting, really" but he also said he did have a bit of a field day today because he actually got to talk to his boss for more than a sentence. The reason: he cornered him in the toilet where his boss was peeing. Talk about trickle-down management. His new email address:

Once again time conspires against early-month posts to this site. This time the excuse is a rather convoluted moving process into an implausibly reasonable apartment in the east village (Manhattan). Every day on the way home from work I procure myself the odd ironing board or 5 piece cooking pot set in an attempt to cobble together the semblance of a functioning household. This takes time, as does the actual act of working, which is a particularly rude realization that most of you probably discovered before I wrote my first cv.

At work, manning the copy editing desk with Tom Atkins (among others) at Knight Ridder Financial News means making a living off other people's mistakes. What I've learned so far is that mistakes = money. Since time = money as well, the profound realization that time is a mistake has been liberating. Nevertheless, by NYC standards I'm functionally unemployed because I only work 8 hours per day, as opposed to Beth, who admitted to clocking a 70 hour work-week recently. Add to this 2 casual days a week and a management inclined to get you pissed on the company account on Fridays, and you have yourself a work environment tittilatingly close to student life.

Please keep reports, rumors and ramblings coming in so we can keep this site fully up to date... With 715 visits and counting (faster all the time), I now officially consider this site to be a success:-)

Some new email addressed to take note of:

Rebecca Patterson (
Cole Frates (
Zach Messitte (
And please ditch Charles Kenny's address; he's gone offline until he figures out how to get email at his new job at the World Bank (no more details available).

If you'd like a sneak preview of what future versions of this website will encompass, read this letter from Andrew Luedders...

Ciao Stefan!

I recently received your name from Kathy Blake at the Bologna Center. As part of the Bologna Mafia from 1989/90, I was pleased to hear about your great effort to keep SAIS alumni in touch with each other via the Internet. I spent my second year in Washington (Euro. Studies) and am an American now working with Deutsche Telekom in Bonn, Germany.

For my part, I have been editing a newsletter called Piazza Maggiore since 1990. As time goes on and email increasingly dominates the correspondence with my classmates, we are very interested in setting up a homepage for our class. Your guidance/assistance would be greatly appreciated. The idea of linking up classes through WWW is an exciting one, and certainly more up to date than the paper news that I send around once per year. I understand from Linda Marion that the Bologna Center is developing a [new] home page as well, so my dream of a virtual Piazza Maggiore isn't as far off as I thought. Can you give us a hand?

I am doing just that, so expect to see results in the near future...

Talking of SAIS websites, Lucy Howton at SAIS Public Affairs in DC writes:

The Bologna Center has a new home page that I've linked from the SAIS Home Page. Don't get too excited because it is just as lame as the old HP but with slightly more information! The address is: Anyway I thought you might want to update the link on SIGHS. As soon as I get a chance I will put a link from the SAIS HP to SIGHS.

Some SAISers are making good money off the world wide web; Manuel Terranova sent this note:

Check out the page I designed as part of Scribe [the internet publishing company he started with a friend]. I think it came out pretty good (check out the order screen). Alot of the requirements were handed down by the client and therefore our artistic license was a bit stifled. The address is

I heard Nancy Meech and Sava Tatic are heading back east next week. Nancy is going to Berlin to visit her sister; Sava is flying to Belgrade; they will meet up in Prague toward the end of April. Apparently Toronto is too cold and there are no jobs.

We get Knight-Ridder news here [at the Fed]. Congrats on your job!! [yeah, well, thanks!!]

Random and chaotic pieces of information:

Jonathan sinclair can now be found at until Easter. [When is Easter?] Then he's off to france to play with bicycles. What a lay-about. Michael Braun is coming in a few days for holidays and to finish his book in Oxford's tranquility. Or maybe it's just the vicar's son again. [:-) implied]

Things here are going fine, though a little too busy and a little too little to do with my free time right now (not that I have much of it). Instead of rambling, I'll give you my new email: "" which I would ask that you put on the mail page. [What 's keeping you?]

My old system was a fucking nightmare! Take care, tell everyone who's anyone that I said hello from nowhere and that I've only seen one or two sheep worth having a relationship with. All the others are just whores. All my love. PT Barnum

Update this list. Your contribution is vital.

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