I meant to tell you for the longest time, how much fun the Sighs home page is. I enjoy to browse through all the gossip from time to time. The news from this side of the Atlantic currently in our household centred around white dresses and similar accessories, totally in the trend of things as Matthew Rose recently remarked.

Sophia and I are living in England. Well, actually, Sophia lives in England and I pay taxes here, while enjoying the beauties of Central and Eastern Europe. Those taxes are to become soon more; definitely not because of my salary, but because of Tony. Tony will make all of Britain smarter and will spend (increased) taxes on education, so this country can become sophisticated enough to become finally a Republic...

Sophia works in private banking; i.e., she is advising all those people who do not believe in making children smarter but themselves richer and therefore want to safe the proceeds of their sweat and tears bank accounts on sunny islands or in Switzerland.

This weekend again sees some SAIS visitors in London. Terri and Thanos are coming to town since they have worked hard enough to become Masters in their respective universities. We have seen Thanos in Athens on a few occasions. He is currently serving in the army. It's not as bad as it sounds. First he was on Mykonos and now he is writing the history of the Greek airforce in English in Athens. We are going to Prague next weekend and are looking forward to seeing Sava and Nancy.

Gotta run!

Take care Jancsi

I'm actually sitting here at work, contemplating exactly how it is that I became a slave to the corporate machine, forced to sit here in the office until a marketing presentation is complete (ETA: 5 a.m.). After receiving the aforementioned presentation, I need to a) review it, b) correct any errors (the copy center isn't known for its accuracy), c) depending on the completion time, either 1) go home and sleep a bit or 2) go home and shower, after which I will be rushing to La Guardia to give the aforementioned presentation to a virtual litany of bosses who are giving the aforementioned presentation, leaving me here in New York, rather desirous of sleep. How did this chain of events actually occur, and why am I willing to sacrifice myself to the cause (the cause of what I'm not exactly sure anymore)? These are questions that I must figure out.

For those who aren't familiar with my travails, my wonderful banker lifestyle (back in the days when I didn't work weekends and believed that we were working for something slightly greater than profit, not that profit wasn't important, but there certainly was pride in a job well-done) has been seriously and radically changed by the corporate reorganization of Credit Suisse into the GLOBAL MASSIVE BULGE BRACKET FIRM of Credit Suisse First Boston. This reorganization led me straight into the arms of investment banking. Now, the question continues as to whether or not I actually am enjoying myself. Today, in my current waiting-for-the- presentation-to-be- finished-so-that-I-can- get-some-sleep status, I'm not so thrilled. Generally, it's not so bad. We shall see.

The biggest problem is beginning to be lack of social life. I guess this throwing myself into work thing has taken my mind off of my post-breakup-rebound status, which I've managed to completely avoid for some reason (is the statute of limitations on rebounding from a three month relationship, intense as it may have been, two months? if so, I've past the rebound stage without paying attention), but I'm once again missing seeing people and thinking (any thoughts at this point would be good). I have absolutely no SAIS gossip due to this small lack of social life problem. I did manage to get to London at the beginning of February, where Matthew Rose (exemplary host and restless journalist), Rebecca Patterson (she's great, full stop, and also a somewhat restless journalist), Jon Sinclair (new bureaucrat/civil servant and restless, in general, although he finally has his own address), John Uppington (fellow banker sort, seemingly not too restless), Osten Johanssen (restless and searching for new job/town), Aygen (restless EBRD banker -- wants my job for some reason) and Nick Lasagna (apparently not so restless, as he has his entire life organized) were rather entertaining and supportive whilst I learned two very important life lessons: 1) don't go out for a serious night out (i.e. drinking) after you've just flown overseas, are jetlagged, and have gotten two hours of sleep, and 2) don't go out for a serious night of drinking after breaking up with someone a mere 5 hours before hand. Both are rather bad ideas, and I would recommend highly against them.

Lots of others need to include their own bits, as my own rendition of their lives would most likely be broken down into descriptions using the same word over and over to describe them (see above). But anyway, I hope everyone is well and in good form and, of course, staying out of trouble. Hopefully soon I'll be more sane and more capable of writing a Jame or Charles Kenny-esque description of an interesting SAIS-style adventure. Until then.....

Sorry to use this space as a classified section, but a friend of mine is looking into graduate International Studies programs and needs some advice. She is planning to move to Israel in about three years and wants to know just what the hell people can do in the Middle East with a degree like ours (besides become bombing targets). Needless to say, I have no idea what to tell her. If you think you might have a couple of ideas for her and are willing to offer yourself as a source, let me know at craig@impactonline.org.
Thanks for all the replies. These addresses are no longer valid. Does anyone know of their new ones?

Andrew Stephens (75027.1253@compuserve)

Anna Gabriella Garcia (agarcia@worldbank.org)

Osten Johansson, (OSTENJOH@aol.com)

Manami Terashima (MANATTE@aol.com)

Jill Russell (kubicki@cci-29palms.com)

Emma Cherniavsky (EmmaCherny@aol.com)

Marina Persson (richberg@algonet.se)

Some snippets of news from various replies:

"I'm still plugging away in Statistics and Quantitative Analysis at the IDB," writes Fergus McCormick.

"We're still in DC, thinking of buying a house and really staying in one place for a while," writes Becky Spicer. "Martin now works for the IFC at the World Bank and I'm still doing research in injury prevention (the public health side). We keep in touch with many of the DC SAIS/Bologna crowd."

Paul McDonough writes: "Just saw Profs. Weiss and Betz today, both are well. Weiss is psyched as all get-out to be in the US, Betz made an attempt to move away from his focus on fringe political movements, but then discovered that he has enough of an audience that everyone's going to ask him about it anyhow so why not keep researching it."

Ivailo Partchev wants "a nice picture of Italy that I can use as a wallpaper on my PC. Venice, Florence, Bo preferred. I rely on your perfect taste." Can anyone help?

Tricia Turner asks, "Do you want us to make donations to the site? Or do you want us to donate money to SAIS and have them filter it to you?" No Tricia, I want to improve my English so that my messages are clearer. By 'contribution' I meant text, not money. This site is not exactly a financial burden.

Yes, this is my email address, and since I am at work all day, I am forced to check it regularly. Not a whole lot of news to report. I recently attended a St. Patrick's Day party hosted by Carrie Cullen Hitt in Cambridge. When I arrived, her cat had just set himself on fire by sitting too close to a candle, and Carrie had just finished dousing him in the sink.

Work is going well. We bid on a project that would have required me going to London for a month, however, just as I was getting my hopes up, we lost the bid. Hopefully I'll make over there on the company tab at some later date. Hope all is well with the rest of the SAIS crew.

Guido S.

Just confirming that my e-mail address is correct. As to my most recent activities, besides being extremely careful about opening letters sent to me at the UN, I've been involved in the work of some legal committees like the one on terrorist bombings and the reform of the Charter (yep, some actually believe the necessary 2/3 and SC votes can be mustered), yet by far the most interesting work dealt with the Prepartory Committee on the Establishment of an International Criminal Court, where considerable progress has been made on some of the crimes over which the ICC would have jurisdiction, as well as most of the general principles to be applied. Three more sessions are foreseen before the diplomatic conference takes place in Rome in the summer of 98.

As for SAIS encounters, Mina Koide (94) dropped by for a couple of days on her back to Tokyo after spending almost three months covering the hostage situation in Lima. Along with Yoko Okuda (94) we practiced a bit of salsa dancing at the Bistro Latino. It was quite a challange for Mina since she was used to sleeping until 1:00 AM so she could broadcast live to Japan at 4:00AM. A surprisingly big group of 94, 95 and 96 SAISers got together to celebrate Dan Prieto's B-D in the East Village a couple of weeks ago, but I guess Dan will provide more details. Hasta la proxima!

Got and read your note. All is well here. Jobs (yes, jobs) are going quite well as is the social life. Saw Jenny Gayer and Hazlyn Fortune the other weekend to see Empire Strikes Back and we'll be getting together (with other SAISers, perhaps?) the Saturday before Easter to see Jedi at the Uptown in DC. (Anyone interested, call Jenny.)

I'm constantly reminded of the tight-knittedness of the SAIS community -- not that I pass random classmates on the street in Eastern Europe or anything, but I see lots of "comrades" at work and elsewhere. Two current PhD SAISers are at CSIS, and several current and past SAISers work part time at Knight-Ridder/Tribune , as I do (perhaps because we all have massive loans to pay off and it pays well?). My boyfriend works with a BC95/DC96 SAISer, who's a friend of one of my KRT coworkers... Who needs six degrees of separation when you have SAIS?

I'll be up in NYC for a quick weekend getaway after Easter to celebrate my birthday, and I'd love to visit with anyone who will be in town but I get the feeling that Adam has other plans in mind (he's planning the trip).

Speaking of trips, if you know anyone planning a trip to Key West, Fla., tell them they must go to Blue Heaven, a restaurant that is absolutely divine. And even if you don't like banana bread, order the Banana Heaven dessert -- but split it. Even for a massive chocoholic like me, who can stand the richest of foods, the Banana Heaven would have been too much had not Adam and I been sharing it!

Great to hear from you - thanks for adding me to your mass mailing! Yes - my email is the same. My job has changed a bit at Synopsys. As of Feb. 1st, I work soley for Synopsys European Marketing Team. This change in job (a slight promotion for a part-time employee/mom) has meant a bit of travel. I am currently in Paris (sounds glorious but I would rather be at home).

In terms of my private life - we are not only parents but proud home owners!! We purchased a small house in Munich which is being built. If all goes according to plan, we should move just around the corner from our apt. in November, 1997. Our future address will be Adelsbergstr. 11 81247 Munich (looks like the phone number will remain: +49 89 811 2946). Janos is still studying (just finished his first round of exams), Angelina is walking/hopping all over and developing her personality ( a bit stubborn at times - can not be from her mommy), and I am looking forward to our April vacation - where else but Bowie, MD. So, if anyone in the DC area would like to get together, give me a call from April 10th - 27th at my parents home (301-262-3656).

I'm alive and well, and checking e:mail constantly -- although I haven;t visited the website recently, so I'll go do that. I've been travelling like a maniac lately , as a result of my new position at Roche as of November: get this: Global Pharmacoeconomic Research! In short, its a big cost-benefit department; we assess global pricing strategies, ROI of moving ahead with a compund in the development portfolio, and, once a project enters the portfolio, we work with the clinical teams to collect data that will support economic arguments in support of the product (i.e. does use of our compund result in fewer days in intensive care, thereby less cost to the heathcare system, than use of the standard therapy).

Having suffered through micro and trade at SAIS, its ironic that I ended up in a departament devoted to microecomics. But the travel around the globe is wonderful, and its great experience for....I have no idea! But anyway, its fun for now.

Would SAIS alumni out there who happen to be living in either Miami or Boston let me know where they are? I have just been given responsibility for our customer's operations in those cities, and should start making weekly visits to both cities in a month or so. I'll swap you a dinner on Ericsson for a quick city/bar orientation.

My quest for a roommate continues. My place is great (this is where it is; the star marks the spot), but it is way too big and a little too expensive for just me. Now that warm weather is approaching, I intend to have some sort of Saturday afternoon cookout in the back yard for all you pale, sun-and-grass-deprived urbanites. The view of the city is spectacular, especially as the sun is setting.

Here is the formal pitch:

Furnished Room in house overlooking Hudson River and Manhattan with SAIS alumnus
- Rent: $550/mo + utilities
- Living room, dining room, large kitchen, 3 bedroom (2 full, one small/guest room), full bath
- Back yard with stunning view of Manhattan
- Hardwood floors
- Washer-dryer
- Animal friendly (four-legged, not two...)
- Access to Manhattan via bus (15-20 minutes to Port Authority) or ferry.

5 Zerman Place
Weehawken, NJ 07087

home ph (201)863 3852
work ph (201)890 3503

Hello SAIS folks! Yes, I am settled in quite nicely here in Florida. I must say it's been quite an adjustment. I don't have any real news of any impending marriages or anything like that. Every now and then, I do wonder what I'm doing down here. Nevertheless, I do enjoy returning to Hooterville (a term of affection naturally) from my trips to the Frozen Northeast Corridor. (For those of you who don't know, Hooters is a restaurant chain founded in St. Pete., FL. Basically, the restaurant employs women wearing short-shorts and very tight t-shirts. The symbol of the restaurant is an owl with two very big eyes--well, I think you get the idea!)

An interesting thing happened to me when I was at a meeting of mutual fund analysts in Boston last week. This portfolio manager was speaking to my group from London using a video teleconferencing system and the guy fainted. I kid you not. When this happened, a collective gasp went up from the group. This was a might bit surreal as you can imagine. Here we are watching this guy in London faint (in real time). He pulled himself up several times, but he fainted again and again. We couldn't do anything for the poor guy, but someone did manage to call the office in London and send somebody to check on the man. Other than that, I passed my Series 7 securities exam. I can now buy and sell stocks (this is not an offer of solicitation--I'm studying for a couple of more securities exams in the meantime.) Hope all is well with you all.--Carl

Thanks for creating and maintaining the Sighs page for us all. I check it regularly and am always pleased to read about the adventures of our far-flung classmates.

My finacee, Laura, and I are still living in Washington, DC - spending our free time responding to wedding invitations from former colleagues and friends while planning our own nuptials for May in Rome. I never thought visions of china patterns and silverware, like bad Chinese take-out, could keep me up at night...

(Oh, and for the record: No matter what Jame says, I am not wishing for a nudist ceremony. That was Max Tedeschi's idea.)

Among the last of our class not to have packed their bags and deserted this wonderfully corrupt city, we are awaiting the blooming of the cherry blossoms (expected this coming Thursday) while counting the days to when we will permanently be back in Europe, probably sometime in Spring '98.

Apart from "Wise-spotting" now and again (the red wine drinking prof. is finishing his last semester here in WDC), little connects us with our prior home on Mass. Ave. if you don't count the barrage of phone calls and resumes I regularly receive from job-seeking soon-to-be graduates.

At any rate, Stefan, thanks for insisting on these entries; I can't wait to read the next episode of Jenny Gayer being shot at by Zulu rebels (hopefully not), how many beds John Sinclair has really SLEPT in over the last year and Tom Jacob's latest tryst with a Kazak sheep.

A bump in the road. The publication I write for is being shut down. Never made the company a cent and now that Institutional Investor is to be sold there's no rope left. Foreign Exchange Letter is dead; long live Foreign Exchange Letter. But my position in Hong Kong appears stable. There is an opening on another newsletter, Emerging Markets Week, which enjoys a higher profile and, I hope, better travel opportunities. Nonetheless it's a little queasy to receive a late-night telephone call from your boss in London to inform you that the ailing horse you've been riding has been shot.

Hello cruel world!

I was very unimpressed to find that news travels fast throughout the world (Jame's bombshells tend to help this process nicely), but not so fast in London itself: Matthew Rose seems to have excluded myself and Maria from the (un)Limited List of Lucky Lovers who are soon-to-be-married.

It's all been set already for July. Well, let me rephrase that: I have simply made known my willingness to get married, and it's amazing how my mother and sister, combined with Maria, her mother and two sisters have managed to exclude me completely from the proceedings. I'm not saying there is some sort of conspiracy afoot, but they seem to be so enthusiastic about the whole thing that it would be a pity to remind them that it's my wedding after all. Also, being realistic, you can't be expected to argue with an eight-to-one majority (mothers count double!). I'll just pretend to be a Brit for the time being and keep a stiff upper lip (but no more, of course....). I suppose I'll let them tire themselves out and I'll just turn up on the day and surprise them with my presence!!

Well to get to the more mundane stuff- who was it out of you people out there that persuaded me to study law? Surely it cannot have all been decided by myself!? I have to at least attempt to blame someone else. It's a strange thing, quite inexplicable really: these exams require more than two weeks of study (Shock! Horror!) and nobody told me! I thought that good ol' SAIS (and serious JHU medical science) taught us, in the true realist school, that it is simply impossible to keep your concentration for that long. I just need to make one plea to the world at large. Here goes: "Please- if anyone has a spare three months to take my exams for me can you give me a bell? I need to seize the initiative back and take control of my wedding." Personally, I think it's a lost cause... but who knows... miracles do happen (particularly in Italy).

Ciao a tutti- Nick Lasagna (the pasta thief).

PS: Bologna rules ok, but London rocks and rolls!! Summer is fast approaching; come and have a few pints of warm flat beer in the auld fair isle... it will do you a world of good (honest)!

I was in Skopje, on my way from one meeting to another during a recent business trip to Macedonia. Imagine how surreal it was to bump into John Factora, who was waiting for a friend out in front of a restaurant. Imagine the look on his face to see me, totally out of context, walking around on the streets of downtown Skopje.

I learned two important lessons from this experience. First, the world is a small place, especially if you went to SAIS. Second, there are some real benefits to reading and contributing to the Sighs homepage other than digging through our classmates gossip.

For the record, after my detour through the finance dept. of the IDB, I landed a job at the Financial Services Volunteer Corps: the greatest-yet-least-appreciated-or understood non-profit-organization in the world. This opportunity of a lifetime would have slipped past me, had Aideen Mannion not patiently clued me in to the merits of this truly under-appreciated institution.

Now I find myself a regional director, based in Zagreb, managing projects in a portfolio of counties in various stages of transition and reform (decay, stagnation...) As the new guy, I think they decided to test me out by giving me some basket cases. My countries include Albania, Macedonia, Croatia and (later this year) Bosnia. Today the OMRI headlines read: ALBANIA ON THE BRINK OF CIVIL WAR? IS ALBANIAN CRISIS SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL?

Any SAIS-ers passing through Zagreb should immediately contact me, especially if they need a place to sleep, want to enjoy the night-life or, if nothing else, want to avoid a surreal encounter on the streets of Zagreb.

The following is an update of SAISers culled from various e-mail messages sent to my address. It's up to you to spot the lies.

Michael Braun, fresh from the publication of his chef d'ouevre, is considering a move to New York City. And since New York Mayor Rudolf Giuliani showed up on Broadway in drag, Herr Foo Foo has been even more eager to take a bite out of the Big Apple.

Tricia Turner is pondering the meaning of life in California. She has been seen making several trips to local Sikh communities.

Chris Donat plans to make a big splash at Gioia and Sebastian's Bologna wedding with Adrianna. No, you fool, not THAT Adrianna. He already dumped her. No, I'm talking about Adrianna Cordali, who shot her husband and has apparently hosted Chris' several furtive trips into Romania. You can deny it all you like, Donato, but I've got photos.

Jennifer Stanley reports dating a New York male with an MBA. Not a degree in international affairs? Scandalous!

Jeff Roland is marrying Laura in Rome on 22 May in a nudist ceremony. (He wishes.)

Max Tedeschi is headed to Malta for Easter holiday, where he will perfect his rendition of the fair island's national jingle.

Netta Korin reportedly threw a housewarming party for her new London flat. Among the guests: Louise and her new beau! Other attendees were shocked--could it really be Rodrigo?

Beata is back in Krakow but declined to share any news. Everyone should chastize her.

scared about being 30? having baby-angst? just looking for a change of routine? the answer is simpler than you think:

get married -- everyone's doing it.

our first contestants, all the way from the dutch ministry of defense, sebastian and gioia, who are tying their knots in bologna in late march. we bet no-one's going to reyn on their parade!!!

only one week later in the same city, in and out faster than a bad curry, the lovely ainoa doughty and mauro, her bo. beau. and who said bologna was bad for you? that's b-o-l-o-g-n-a, the luncheon meat, not the city!!!!!

scooting off to exotic turkey in early august, our next daring matrimonial couple are serra and markus. we bet his knees are turning to jellito!!!!!!!!!!!

hitching herself up for the big occasion at around the same time, the de-licious de Weichs de Wenne. that nine-year itch got the better of her. vero-nice, we say !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and finally, our suavist contestant and his delightful assistant, jancsi and sophia. you can tell that stroh-meyer is a hot dog!!!!!! but we're very-kurios to see who falls next !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

matthew rose is wearing a sparkly suit and is available for weddings, bar-mitzvahs.