Dear all, or at least the very few that might be interested in what I have been doing for the past 3 years or so:

Firstly, and most importantly, I have not been connected (yet) to the sex scandals that have occurred recently in Belgium. In fact, I wasnít even in Belgium, I was in Paris (lousy excuse). Nevertheless, I decided to leave Paris before justice and French bad temper got a chance of catching up with me, and moved to London.

London is the ultimate SAIS safe haven. Probably close to 20% of the BC/DC crowd revolves around here, which makes it difficult to meet people that have not been at SAIS. I did however manage such an achievement as I see regularly Maria (Nick's non-SAIS wife) and Maggie (Glen).

Work wise, I have decided against the adventurous Tom Jacobs approach to life in favour of a more boring "yuppie" life. To make a long story short, over the past two years, I have been hired, fired, rehired, refired by the same strategy consulting firm amidst office closures, mergers and acquisitions. In the end I decided to quit and join A.T.Kearney in London (another management consulting firm which was rumoured to acquire my previous employer). This is the closest I have got to adventure.

By the way, all the jokes you have heard on consultants are true. One of my favourite is the following: Did you here the post office just recalled their latest stamps? They had pictures of consultants on them and people could not figure out which side to spit on.

Take care and I will see you around (probably in London).

I've moved from the rough and tumble of the East End to the Georgian calm of Embankment Gardens.

Flat 2
18 Buckingham Street
London WC2N 6DU
Tel: 0171-839-1037

Visitors are welcome as ever, but will have to sleep on the floor as I ain't got no furniture.

I'm just about to leave for the airport to head back to DC -- permanently. I'm transferring to CRS HQ and can be reached starting Oct. 20 at: Tel. #s: (410) 625-2220 or (800) 235-2772.

Can't give a lengthy update at this time, but I'd like to think that Macedonia is a better, safer, cleaner, more peaceful, more tolerant, more stable, more democratic, more vibrant place to live in as a result of my civil society/conflict prevention projects. Indicators of project impact include a brand new supermarket (Greek owned!) and the opening of McDonalds (the latter was celebrated by a gala attended by President Gligorov and the US ambassador). Need I say more?

I'm looking forward to reconnecting with those few still in DC. Perhaps my return signals an end to the apparent mass migration from our lovely capital???? Since I don't have ANYBODY's telephone number, please get in touch with me at work. Ask for the Eurmena Regional Office.

Ke se slusneme. Hear from you all soon! John

It is to tell you all that I am moving for a few months to the Crazy Land (oops, I meant the Holy Land of course).

In time of closures and in all times, I will appreciate the window to the world (I mean the real world, not that of crazy zealous cousins fighting one another) you may open for me by sending me e-mails.

I'll be on e-mail the whole time at

So please, keep in touch. And I promise frequent updates in exchange...on Arafat's new Keffieh style and Suha's latest fashion statement (a different hairdo or hair color maybe?), on Netanyahu's upcoming toilet paper collection bearing his own face...Hopefully not an anything more serious and devastating like you know...another bomb. I promise to travel by foot myself as Moses and others did when the world was less crazy (or in World Bank's cars, oh well nobody's perfect).

Salaam/Shalom and...ciao!

I went to your SAIS page yesterday and got all misty eyed, so I thought I'd send along this update on my goings-on of the past months.

My odyssey through California continues, but this time I do believe the Marine Corps has done right by me. After two brutal summers in the desert of Southern California, I have be granted a reprieve in the form of transfer to the beautiful and temperate Monterey Bay. Thanks to the Marine, who is attending the Naval Post Graduate School, I am now happily situated within 100 yards of the beach and, more importantly, the Pacific. Kiki the beach girl meets Churchjill -- it's all very interesting.

Life with Adam is good -- I am teaching him to cook and appreciate wine -- he makes a mean biscotti, just ask Julia. She has been to visit me twice -- the only person besides Veronique and Reyer to visit the desert digs (except all those who made the 29 Palms trip, but that didn't include a tour of the private residences). For the record, I took a fair measure of ribbing at a Hail and Farewell (military social event) for the circumstances of our meeting.

The most amazing thing of it all is that I have basically been on an extension of the 29 Palms trip for the past 2+ years -- just more learning about the everydoy operation of our armed services -- well, one in particular. The most intriguing thing I have noticed is how public (read media) opinion is usually the polar opposite of that of military personnel -- contrary to the blaring headlines, eg, Lt. Flynn was totally in the wrong, and could have easily done jail time for her actions -- lying to federal investigators and disobeying a direct order. Men in the military have certainly been held to that level of accountability. Anyway, it has been a surprising learning experience.

The recent spate of nuptials is quite daunting. I feel a bit under the gun. However, if we do make the trip, I will be able to offer something new for a SAISer wedding (at least of late) -- a crossed sword arch of Marines in blues. Quite a fine looking sight. When I was in DC last spring, I took Martina to the Parade at the Marine Barracks at 8th and I. It's good entertainment and it's free -- the barracks grounds are very beautiful, and its held from Spring to End of Summer/Fall. The Silent Drill Team is the best and cannot be described by words.

So, anyway, if anyone is looking for a place to stay at the beach, we're here. I love my new address -- 151 Surf Way, Monterey, CA, (408) 645-9859.

As the surfers say, check you later dude!


Things continue to be busy for me down in Florida. I'm currently studying for a securities exam that I have on Saturday. This exam would allow me to have clients if I so desired. Not that I want them, but the other selfish purpose this exam serves is to please my boss as a part of my semi-annual evaluation. Hopefully this will mean a bigger bonus this year! After that, I'll begin studying for my Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification. Basically, this is a three year self-study course where one learns, what else, financial analysis. I find my current area of occupation quite interesting; earning the CFA designation would make my life easier if I stay in this field. I'm kind of interested in either becoming a research analyst or a portfolio manager at an investment company. That's about it from here.
  • Kathryn Newsome / London / Oct 3

Stefan: Thanks for posting our address. We also have a telephone number by now: 0171 589 3630. We will be in London until the end of next February. Thomas is here with his company on a short-term assignment and we will then return to Alexandria, VA, to our old address.

London is great, of course, and we already had our first SAIS visitor, Cigdem Oktem. She was kind enough to babysit one evening and look after our daughter Alexandria, who will be celebrating her second birthday in two weeks. Cigdem's task was to put Alexandria to bed at 8:30 pm and then enjoy a quit evening while Alexandria was sleeping. When we got home at 11 pm Cigdem was exhausted and Alexandria was running around screaming with joy after having trashed our apartment. Oh well.