Hey SAIS Gang,

Glad to see everyone is moving up in the world. I recently attended Carrie Hitt's ever-famous Christmas party, where I had to explain to incomprehending Bostonian lawyers what a panetone is (and then promptly ate half of it myself -- hopefully I left some for Carrie). I was also recently working on a project with some folks in our London office. They told me that they had recently hired an Italian-speaking intern in the office, so I would no longer have to get up at ungodly hours to speak Italian. Turns out the Italian-speaking intern is none other than Max Tedeschi, who after a long odyssey through various jobs in Europe, has wound up in London working for our little consulting company while examining other opportunities.

Hope everyone has happy holidays. Winter has started here in New England and I am off to go skiing.



1997 was an unstable year for me career-wise ... I started it by suddenly getting canned, along with the rest of my R&D group, from my job in Portland. That led to a start-up company, which soon led to me loading up an aged Chevy wagon with books, bikes and cats and hauling to Palo Alto, CA for a short consulting stop (aka, "got bills to pay!"), and to NYC for a pile o' interviews and brief but fun-filled visits with Rosa Emilia, Ayse, Hylke & Monique, of SAIS/BC fame and/or notoriety.

Eventually though, I took a (supposedly) long term consulting job at a hospital in Fukuoka, Japan. Fukuoka was (is!) great, but the project, after a promising start, sank rapidly in a squelching mire of corporate politics, and after two months we packed it in.

Fortunately, there was just time to take advantage of Jame's Hong Kong hospitality and watch the colony turn into China. It was quite an occasion, of course, but much of what I recall about the actual handover can be summed up as "wet". The party w/Jame and friends on Lantau the following night easily surpassed it ('nuff said!).

Lesser known, but nearly of equal sociohistoricocultural interest, was the 74th annual World Championship Pig 'N Ford Race at the Tillamook (Oregon) County Fair, which Cigdem and I had the honor to witness after my return to the US ... a slice o' America which I can't resist describing a bit:

Folks, it's just what it sounds like. Ya got yer pig, ya got yer stripped-down, vintage Model T. A gunshot, then the top six drivers sprint across the track to the pens, grab the pigs, crank their cars, and are off! Amidst piercing squeals and choking dust, they must hold on to their pigs at all times as they speed around the oval. Three laps, three different pigs. First one to drop the third pig back in the pen is crowned. Pig abuse is a disqualification.

In the end, though, the championship race was not all that close. Four time champion Lonnie Rickerman won by several car lengths over 20 year veteran Cornelius ("Wolfman Jack") McKay. A moment of drama arrived when that grizzled porkdriver, in his turn, barely held his second place as he fended off a last desperate cross-car-vaulting dive-and-(nonabusive)-pig-spiking attempt from the youngest Latham brother, Billy Bob. And in case you're wondering, nobody came close to losing a pig, lesser competitors having been weeded out by a week of qualifying races.

So I'll see you at the 75th running! But anyway, to finish ...

The Japan fiasco led to a four-month sentance to a dull job in Minnesota. I mostly sit alone and manufacture paper clip chains, but I'm told I'm nearly done now. In 1998 I look forward to a bit of R&R, followed by another (supposedly) long term BS'ing - ahem, I mean consulting - job in Leipzig. Thence (possibly) to Bologna, where apparently there's a 'center for the study of banking informatics' (yeah, yeah, snore - but hey, it's the place not the job!) which might have a place for me.

And finally, should any of you happen to wander out to the west coast this winter, I've got use of a party pad near San Diego from about mid-January to the end of February. Pool, tub, booze, near the beach. Y'all are most cordially invited, and it'll be a nice break from more northerly climes. Just drop an email, and happy new year!


I am in the process of switching to a local email account in Croatia. Please send all future emails to the following address:


My compuserve account will still be valid for a few weeks while I test the reliability of this new server. Assuming the new account works well, I will make a full switch. So, unless I send an another announcement to the contrary, please use this new address for all future correspondence.

Thank you,

Anthony Randazzo
Regional Director
FSVC - Zagreb, Croatia

Hi all!

Just to inform you, I have a new e-mail address at work and at home. The home address is Adam's and mine: hertzman@csgi.com; the work address is monican@washingtoninstitute.com. I know it's a long address -- apologies. But of course there's a reason for the change: I have a new job!

Two weeks or so ago I began my tenure at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, a Middle East-oriented think tank a block away from my old job (CSIS). I'm now at 1828 L and have a nice window office on the 10th floor. I also have many more responsibilities -- I'm the director of publications -- and soon (I hope) will have an assistant. As a friend said, I'm no longer simply working for the Man; I AM the Man.

Not much else to report at the moment. Best wishes and happy holidays to all, and whether this year has been difficult or excellent, may the coming year be filled with more bright moments than this year has been.

I frequently get e-mails from other attorneys at my firm (Cooley Godward) asking for referrals to attorneys in other countries. If any of you have ties to top-tier law firms outside the United States that do corporate and business work, especially with a focus on intellectual property, let me know.


[If you didn't know Laura Aguilar's husband Dan died Nov 28, please read the message below this one first--Stefan]

After hearing about Dan a few of you have asked if there is anything you can do for Laura. There is a Dan Milano memorial fund at the Ronald McDonald house in Manhattan, where they stayed for awhile during one of his treatment periods. Since Dan was a trumpet player and a jazz aficionado, Laura and his family decided that the money should go towards providing music lessons for cancer patients staying there.

If you would like to contribute, please send checks to The Ronald McDonald House, 405 East 73rd St., NY, NY 10021, ATTN: The Dan Milano Fund.

I hate to have my first ever Sighs contribution be to report bad news, but Laura Aguilar asked me to post a message on her behalf. Her husband, Dan Milano, passed away on Friday, November 28th after a long, very cruel battle with cancer. Laura is holding up well considering the circumstances, and plans to resume her job at the Bank of New York soon. In the meantime, if anyone wants to get in touch with her the phone number is 212-362-8852. Her address is 150 West 74th St. Apt. B, NY, NY 10023. I'm sure she would appreciate hearing from you.

Just to give you an update on my life, I'm still working (like a dog) as an editor in the EIU's Latin America division. We publish a weekly newletter called Business Latin America, as well as 5 or 6 research reports each year. The work is interesting, but I would like to transfer to our Miami office in a year or so to be closer to my family in the Tampa area (and the equator).

Still great fun to read your SAIS website. I got the news that Jay had moved from Sun Microsystems to the non-profit world not only via your website but also via Fast Company -- magazine you probably know. Yes, Jay made it in Fast Company! Check this out: [Here he is, online] Don't you see all the benefits from being president of a non-profit organization?