So, I'm married now. It's been almost four weeks. The honeymoon was great--Hawaii--and the wedding and parties preceding and following the honeymoon were also fabulous. Jenny Gayer was a bridesmaid and Ivette Barbeite flew in from Florida with her cousin Elsie. Hazlyn Fortune couldn't make it but was there in spirit. Once Adam and I have moved in to our new apartment in Arlington (well, once we have unpacked everything and put away all the gifts) we are planning a dinner party, so I will post more info later for those SAISers in and around and traveling throughthe DC metro area. Meantime, have a great summer.
Stefan - You made it too easy with this new form so I thought I would respond to the "?" you put by the "London" from the news I sent in about Marilyn and Janos' new addition. In theory--that is according the the visa people--I am based in London working for Citibank in the Emerging Markets sector head office. In reality I am now commuting to New York for a couple of weeks at a stretch as my boss is now working on the transition team for the Citibank/Salomon Smith Barney merger and has brought me on board with her to help out. In short, this means extra long hours and loads of work but interesting assignments and good networking opportunities. There are quite a few SAIS people at the bank and I ran into two alums today whom I have met in the past. We probably exceeded the maximum capacity for ex-SAISers on one floor of the bank at any one time. Unfortunately, all this travel means that I will most likely miss seeing the best games of the World Cup--ie the ones in which Italy is playing as American hotel tv won't cover them, or I'll be still at work when they are going on. Sigh. Cheers. Kathy

I hereby renounce my status as a member of the Sighs page "Silent Minority." No longer will I be a free rider on this public good--gobbling up the gossip but adding nothing of my own. I'm going to contribute. Here's my first submission.

I'm getting married. I'm moving to San Francisco. I'm changing my e-mail address.

Any questions?

I'll spare you most of the details of my wedding proposal. The key part is that Adrianna said, "Yes." We'll be getting married in October. If you want to know about the details of my proposal (Sunday morning jog, cherry blossoms, complex multiplication, the Tidal Basin in Washington, a fish kill, a "rock" in my shoe, etc.) send me an e-mail. In the next couple weeks I'll have plenty of opportunities to respond.

As for San Francisco, Adrianna just accepted an offer at J. Walter Thompson--an advertising agency--where she'll be working on the Sprint account. Over the past four years, Adrianna has worked directly or indirectly for MCI, AT&T and Bell Atlantic. For her, the job is a great opportunity. For me, it's a wonderful reason to move back to the Bay Area where I was born

We'll be moving out of Washington, D.C. on June 18. My last day at work will be June 4. Since I have no idea exactly where we'll be living or who my future employer will be, I have no useful contact information--except for this new e-mail address. [Stefan, please replace my old address that appears in the Mailroom. That address will be invalid after June 4.]

As we're planning to live "somewhere" in San Francisco, I would welcome any advice people have about their favorite neighborhoods. I would also accept any suggestions for how to dispose of Adrianna's paychecks while I'm spending my days minding two cats and planning weekend camping, mountain biking, and wine tasting trips.

Best regards,


I'm now out in San Diego, working at Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC), a big information technology services firm. I'm doing mergers & acquisitions. My wife Melinda & I live in a great place about half a block from the Pacific Ocean in La Jolla (where the company's headquartered). We were married almost exactly one year ago in Napa Valley, CA. We enjoyed being in NYC for a while, but the hours were pretty long, and then people like Uta and Tom started moving away. So, why not us, too? Now we've got the sun, the sea, the beach, even the mountains and the desert (less than 2 hours away). There's great hiking and cycling, and we barbecue every weekend. We'd love to have visitors if people make it out this way. Our tel. # is 619-459-3411.