Adrianna and I have a new e-mail address:

It's MCI's fault. Our previous address is no longer valid. MCI screwed up--twice. Any messages sent after July 5 were lost in cyberspace. MCI has no clue and by all accounts isn't about to find one soon. We had hoped that our e-mail address would be the one constant during our cross-country move. We called MCI before we left Washignton to confirm that we could maintain e-mail access even though we were cancelling MCI long-distance service. Evidently there are no constants when it comes to telecommunications except that MCI was determined to cancel our e-mail service.

Our e-mail provider did all it could to resolve our problem. MCI's ability to deliver service would make an Italian postman blush and its customer assistance would make an East Berlin meter maid appear courteous. In light of our frustration with our previous Internet provider Adrianna and I recommend that anyone who currently suffers with MCI for long-distance or Internet services switch to Sprint.

Of course this has nothing to do with Adrianna's new job working for Sprint. For your information, if you sign up for Earthlink, Sprints Internet service provider, and say that someone else recommended the service that person will get one month's service free. Of course it would be nice if you mention Adrianna and me when you sign up.

Best regards,

Chris Donat and Adrianna Ahern

Belmeloro is probably moving to Krautland to become a bullet-headed sausage stuffer in a shell suit with one of those long-at-back short-up- top haircuts known in the UK as a 'mullet'. He is going to be a very powerful telecoms analyst at Allianz Asset Management in Munich disposing of vast sums of money at whim, literally billions. He will spend much of his time jetting around the world to look at phone companies and the rest of the time using up his 2 months' worth of vacation. Is he not truly the most successful SAISer of his generation? His next project is now to get a girlfriend.

July 15, 1998

Dear Alumni Friends in Faraway Places,

As you may have heard, perhaps through the highly efficient SAIS alumni network, I have decided to leave Bologna to return to the United States. My last day of work at the Bologna Center will be 30 July, after which I will fly to Washington, D.C. en route to "home" in Salt Lake City, Utah, which is in the western part of the U.S. (for those who don't know and shouldn't be expected to). There, I plan to start up the SAIS Bologna Alumni Chapter of Utah, which will count three members, once I arrive. (One of my alumni colleagues there happens to be CEO of my bank.)

After almost 15 years at the Bologna Center, I find that this was not an easy decision to make, having grown attached to the many delights that Bologna and, by extension, Italy and Europe, have to offer. The charms of Bologna have not been exaggerated, even in the nostalgic musings of alumni who feel that a nine-month sojourn here wasn’t quite enough time. They are right, of course: I am fortunate to have lived here for so long and will always think of Bologna with great affection. (My memory will no doubt selectively eliminate the noise of motorini which have an alarming tendency to rip down one-way streets — or under the porticoes — in the wrong direction; or perhaps the number of times my life has flashed before my eyes while crossing the street on the striscia-zebra stripes — in theory giving the pedestrian the right-of-way but in fact setting him/her up as a target!)

On the professional front, my association with Johns Hopkins has been a rewarding experience and, at the same time, an adventure: I can testify that there have been very few dull moments at the Bologna Center during the past 15 years. Every year seems busier than the previous one. Considering its small staff and resident faculty, the school continues to perform amazing feats, making it difficult to squeeze even a brief recount of the year's highlights into the Rivista.

The alumni are, of course, a key component in the school’s success. I firmly believe that SAIS Bologna Center graduates are its best representatives and spokespersons. By the same token, the alumni associations play an invaluable role in strengthening the bonds between alumni and the school, which is so important to its future.

I would particularly like to express my appreciation to all those alumni — chapter officers, representatives, class agents and newsletter-website editors - for volunteering so much of their time to the respective efforts. It has been a pleasure working with and getting to know you alumni, and I hope we will meet again — perhaps at some future Alumni Weekend in Bologna!

As for the Bologna Center Alumni Office, you can continue to communicate with my assistant, Brent Wakefield (, who will act as the primary contact until my successor is hired and in place. Brent handles all of the database-related questions and requests and can be counted on to produce mailing lists and provide the necessary back-up support for alumni chapter initiatives. Please don’t hesitate to call on him.

Thank you for your cooperation and support over the years, and for your friendship. Arrivederci!

Yours sincerely,

Linda Marion
Director of Alumni Relations and Publications (until 31 July 1998)
The Johns Hopkins SAIS Bologna Center
Via Belmeloro, 11
40126 Bologna, Italy
Tel: +39/51/23 21 85
Fax: +39/51/22 85 05

  • Jonathan Sinclair / London / July 19, 1998

Dear everyone,

I hope you're all well, all to be found at these addresses and thriving. Apologies to all those who deserve a proper email and haven't had one recently.

As of this evening, I have finished my first job in the Foreign Office... I can't believe it's almost two years since I started. Anyway, next up a holiday and then I start learning Hindi here in London before I leave for New Delhi in the New Year.

What this immediately means is that I will no longer be at this email address. I'm setting something else up and should be back on-line in a little while. When I am, I'll let you know.

In the meantime keep those letters rolling in....

alla prossima



As a regular viewer of your once-fine organ, I am sorry that I feel compelled to write in to complain at the level of smut that has appeared recently on the once pristine pages of this website.

The continual references to birth and marriage made in recent reports are, clearly, feebly disguised references to the act of what can only be described as copulation. While some younger readers might find this constant flow of chap innuendo titillating, your more mature audience is increasingly wieried.

Unless there is a rapid return to the high journalistic standards of Yak reportage for which this site was once justly famous, I am afraid I shall have to cancel my hyperink.

I have the dubious honour, sir, to be yours so far faithfully.

I guess I'm in the same boat as Donat, that is, enjoying this public good without contributing to it. But life changes tend to prompt news sharing. Becky and I have had several of those life changes this summer.

Most important, Becky gave birth to our first child, Nathaniel, on June 21st--two weeks early. Becky had a smooth delivery and has recovered spectacularly in the past week. She compared it to recovering from the Marine Corps Marathon. Nathaniel has been a great baby so far, but seems to be learning the crying reaction now. Becky has stopped work and is going back to get her PhD at Hopkins this Fall in Public Health.

Just over a month ago we made the move out of the District to a house in Bethesda. We miss the cosmopolitan environment around Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan, but are finding many benefits of suburban living.

I'm still at the IFC working in the Transportation Division, where I have been working on railroad and port projects mostly in Latin America, but also one in China. The work is interesting, challenging and frustrating all at the same time. And it takes me to interesting places. Not much more to ask for.

Our new address and phone number are
4505 Sleaford Road
Bethesda, MD 20814
301 657-1105