Hi all:

Last time I checked in I think I babbled something about being off to Leipzig and then possibly Bologna. That turns out to have been merely a metaphorical reference to "Toronto and Rome". I am now in Rome, tangling with the chaos of a horribly overmanaged info. systems project for an insurance company, and hoping one day actually to get paid. The apartment's big enough for visitors, so drop a line if you come to town. That's about the news.

1/3 of the way through, Mr Braun's novel is quite entertaining. Try it some time!

Ciao ragazzi, and thanks again for the site Stefan,

Hi everybody,

I have been particularily lazy in keeping the ROW informed about what is happening on my end of the story. Well, I'll keep it this way. But wanted to let you know that Sigi and I (we have married one year ago, on 27 Sept 1997, that is) have become the proud parents of little Sebastian Koessler, born on 1 August 1998 in Salzburg. Picture attached.

I am again in Sarajevo, working in the political department of the Office of the High Representative. Among other SAISers, Luke Zahner is the efficient and very cooperative Executive Assistant to the OSCE Head of Mission here. Sigi and Sebastian are still in Salzburg.



PS: I am deperately looking for Colin White and Yasu(hiro) Izumikawa. both were students at SAIS D.C. in 1994/95. Colin was a Ph.D. student with Calleo; Yasu was graduating a year later as M.A. Do you have any clue where I cd. find them?

It's true that if you go long enough without a television, somebody will eventually give you one. In my case, 2 video recorders were thrown into the bargain, as well as a microwave, an airconditioner, an alarm clock and 2 irons. This is what happens when you begin to outstay your friends in New York. The upshot is a new video rental card at one of those places that has Fellini's 8 1/2 but not Bo Derek's 10.

My forced re-education in European post-war cinema has been entirely beneficial to my pocket-book, however, with my disposable income being disposed of less often in bars so victimized by fashion they are terminally shrill, and more in the microwavable food section of KeyFoods on A and 3rd--which by the way is a supermarket so non-conventionally low-rent hip that it boasts more disheveled supermodels per square pop-tart than Dean and Deluca. And what is New York about if not lapping up pop-tarts with supermodels.

Unfortunately, no one departing has left me with the gift of wisdom or else I would not be conspicuously consuming any and all spare cash on such outrageous flights of infancy as a trip to Oregon to see the uber-couple Matthew Rose and Kim Strassel. Infancy because my every childish whim was indulged, from brutally shooting clay pigeons to smithereens with a 12-gauge double-barreled shotgun, to cheating at Boggle to waterskiing at close to the speed of Bud-lite.

On the social front here, Tom Atkins and Uta Harnischfeger (sp?) came by for a weekend of brunching; Tom had to be shown all the latest bars on Avenue C, which were but mere crack-houses when he lived in the East Village nary 2 years ago. Tonje Vetleseter is often tempted to New York as well, and not just for the shopping. Marc Young, a year behind ours in SAIS chronology, will be back this week for classmate Margo Heher's wedding--he moved to Frankfurt a few weeks to cash in on his German. The language, that is. Rosa-Emilia Moreno has her Itay back from Chicago, after the two proved that to survive a long-distance relationship all you need is love and an online backgammon obsession. Meanwhile, Julia and Zach are on the verge of living happily ever after.

Recent good books I read: "Sex with the President: A Handy Manual" By Monica Lewinski, ghost-written by Kenneth Starr. At least you're allowed to inhale cigars. I was also impressed by his ability to stand firm and refuse to have her pleasure him "to completion". That takes a lot of will-power. Seriously though, the unanimous verdict among friends in New York was that although it was very well-written, the Starr report is a travesty of justice that should never have seen the light of day. Nobody should ever be forced to list every single person they ever tried to rub against drunkenly, and everybody has the basic human right to deny affairs, where "no" means "none of your business." Le Monde's editorial said it best. Starr is an evil medieval inquisitor in the style of Eco's Name of the Rose, and he is guilty of sexual McCarthyism.

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