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LATEST ADDITION: Dec 15--Renan Villacis | Dec 22--Nicholas Lasagna


It turns out that late October was a perfect time to get married. Liz Jacobs did just that, to David Porter (see below), in the Columbia University chapel in New York.

A nice little contingent of SAIS alumni attended--from left to right in the picture above: Jude, (courtesy of) Michael Braun; Liz, me (Stefan), Beth West, Hylke Faber and Monique Wise.

The question now arises: Who will be next? There are plenty of candidates, some even declared: Zach Messitte and Julia Holman's wedding next year is probably the last all-SAIS wedding we can look forward to in our class; Jill Russell is getting ready to make the leap, with Adam; and Julia Aledort is getting married this month to her Mario. Also, read Hazlyn's missive for what might be up ahead for her.

Not to be outdone, Osten Johansson got married a month or two ago to Lisa Gold, sister of alumna Suzannah Gold. And there are surely other people who got married but that I'm just not aware of. So if you do know of other marriages in our year, drop us a line.


Martin Buhr / New York / Nov 30

I'm still with IDT, working out of our grungy offices in Hackensack, NJ. A week or so ago, I passed two "suits" headed for the elevator (obviously bankers out from the city). One of them turned to the other and said, "Are you SURE these guys are a publicly held company? [IDTC]"

The bulk of what I do right now revolves around our "alternate access business" in the Middle East (I'll have to explain this dubious euphemism to you over a beer sometime).

My firm is shipping me off to London through the end of the year, and then to Rotterdam for six months beyond that for the purpose of setting up our European operations in Holland, where we just bought a company I will be running, and Germany, where we just received our operating license for telecommunications services.

For those SAIS bankers out there in Europe, we are in the market for a full service institution as we are not happy with the one we are working with now. In addition, I have spent very little time in the Netherlands, and now find that I will be living there. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I've been sending an amateurish travelogue to a friend in the US, and though your readers might find parts of it interesting.



  Hazlyn Fortune / San Francisco East Bay / Nov 20, 1998

I've been out of touch for awhile and just wanted to check in again. I've been in CA for a year this week and am really happy, despite recent ups and downs, with my decision to move here.

After dealing for most of the year with life in a single room, I've recently moved in with my new boyfriend Nigel. Nigel and I meet at a seminar called Landmark Education which I attended in August that helped me deal with some difficult issues in my life. We started dating over a month ago and life has been quite hectic ever since.

We live in a very boring suburban area called Hayward and are hot to move by the beginning of next year. Nigel is from London and has been here in CA four about four years working as an IT project manager. Our relationship is a welcomed change from the single life and has moved very fast, we've even talked about the M word.

I work as an economic consultant analyzing the energy industry in CA, the national US and selected international projects. Most recently, I've worked on due diligence reports for power plant projects in central China. The domestic work is also quite busy and focuses more on client need and regulatory monitoring/contract litigation.

Believe it or not, I still have no wheels so I've not travelled very much about the state. That will change soon. Nigel and I will have more room for guests soon so feel free to stop by if you happen to travel to the SF area.

My contact info. is:

28484 Mission Blvd., Apt. 308
Hayward, CA 94544
(510) 583-9207

MRW Associates, Inc.
1999 Harrison Street, Ste. 1440
Oakland, CA 94612 (510) 834-1999

Ciao for now.... Hazlyn


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Dec 6, 1998: Serra Ayral changes her email to serra_ayral@weforum.org. Her other addresses are no longer valid.


Nicholas Lasagna / London / Dec 22, 1998

It's about time I also checked into the site, just to update the world of what Maria and I have been up to during our 18 months of marriage! (My God- its been that long already...).

I'm still working at a corporate law firm in London, learning the ropes and working out which area of the law I prefer. Sometimes the work is actually interesting (believe it or not!), and the idea is to go and work in the Milan office in the long run... or maybe open a Bologna office! In fact, the other day I was in court (with another 6-7 lawyers) suing an Italian government agency for $100m, so work is not all bad- suing D'Alema's Communists for money is great!!!

However, they are working me pretty hard, although this being Europe (just...) I am allowed a holiday, and will be flying out to Bologna tomorrow to see the in-laws, who are from Ferrara- all very exciting stuff. I get to see some SAISers every now and again here in London, and recently went to Jon Sinclair's leaving party: he's off to India with the Foreign Office in January for a long while, but he promised he'd keep in touch with the site. I hope to do the same, though nothing earth-shattering is happening just now, as you can see. Have a great break everyone. Keep in touch and happy new year!!


Renan Villacis / New York / Dec 15, 1998

Hi everyone, I wanted to congratulate Stefan for the new look of the webpage and for helping us all to keep abreast of what's happening with each other.

Work in the legal field at UN Headquarters has been especially productive this year, even historical, with the adoption of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. The work regarding the ICC, both in the sessions of the Preparatory Committee and the Diplomatic Conference, has constituted the highlight of my UN experience. Irrespective of whatever shortcomings or excesses can be attributed to the Statute, it represents a landmark political and juridical achievement which only came about after a final phase of five grueling weeks of intense negotiations (many would also add "intense pressure") in Rome.

Many of you will be quite pleased to know that 65 States have alreay signed the Statute and that the General Assembly has just passed a resolution establishing the Preparatory Commission, which will meet over the course of 1999 in order to take care of some crucial and pending matters before the ICC can be operational.

My visit to Italy was not all work for, despite the crushing workload, I was able to meet Antonella, a charming raggazza who was also working at the Conference, but that's another story with yet to be completed chapters.

As regards an observation Stefan made recently, the portrait of former Secretary-General Waldheim, which is found in the Secretariat Lobby at the UN, is indeed still illuminated; Boutros Ghali's is still missing.

Wish you all a Happy Holiday Season and the best for 1999!

  Charles Clover  / The Ukraine / Dec 4, 1998

As we SAISers progress in our careers, and our stature and accomplishments come to be known as shining examples of leadership throughout the world, society and its institutions will come to place their trust in us, to walk in our sure footsteps as we, by the torchlight of our wisdom, boldly blaze the trail of history.

But the trail of history is a rocky and treacherous one, and I know youšll all agree with me when I say that the responsibility of global leadership is not without its hazards.

As our duties and the scope of our accomplishment accumulates, so does our potential to do enlightened good, but so too does the possibility that, due either to human failing or to poor recognition of professional ethics, or both, we will create extreme chaos, mayhem, and woe, and we will be cast Icarus-like into the ocean of ignominious failure and scorn.

It is the latter point that I would like to emphasize in this essay.

HOW I LOST RUSSIA by Charles Clover
[Please keep this in our group]


And this is why there is need for another new look for the Sighs website. I am once again experimenting, and it may turn out that the graphics end up taxing your patience, but we'll just have to see.

One feature of this new look is its increased reliance on pictures, which have been the most popular part of this site. With the proliferation of scanners and digital cameras there should now be no reason why you can't email me reams of pictures for publication. Hopefully, we'll now be able to see alumni, not just hear from them.

Another feature is a renewed focus on the whole SAIS class, not just the Bologna component. I've been well aware that most of the submissions so far have been from the remarkably close-knit Bologna class, and the site has reflected this in the past. This is great, but I want to encourage non-Bolognesi to participate more, and I hope this format will make it less daunting.

I don't know yet how time-consuming the new layout will be. I think I will continue to update this site as new contributions flow in, so do continue to check up regularly. The Start Page, which doubles as a handy home page for your browser, also tells you when there is a new update.

Sighs has been on the net for over 3 years, since when the internet was in its infancy and everybody still used Netscape 2.0. It's been an interesting trip. Don't forget to tell everybody to visit regularly, and thanks for stopping by--Stefan Geens

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LATEST ADDITION: Dec 15--Renan Villacis | Dec 22--Nicholas Lasagna