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As of late 1998, pictures are no longer grouped together but instead adorn the relevant articles and news items--Stefan

  • August 4, 1998: Antonio and Cathalijne's wedding in Bologna continued the tradition of a Bologna wedding for SAIS couples, and many SAIS alumni continued the tradition of using the opportunity to regroup. A huge group attended the formalities, including 3 married SAIS couples, for a grand total of 4 in this picture. There is at least 1 more All-SAIS marriage on the way, of course. Two New Yorkers and two Milanesi get together here; and in this garden shot there is even room for a non-SAISer--Cary, a New York fixture.

  • July 19, 1998: Martin Buhr went to Italy to see Gioia and Sebastian get married, and sent in this pictorial: In no particular order, some of the visitors, a view of the balcony, when the deed was done, at the stairs, and finally, posing for photos.

  • Nov 30: Caption contest: This picture might look like John Uppington and Rebecca Patterson are posing in Tompkins Square Park during a New York autumn, but that would be merely boring. Please submit a much better caption--winners will receive a free subscription to Sighs.

    John Uppington and Rebecca Patterson were in New York so we decided to shoot a roll of film in the Far East Village. Here are some of the results.
    John on a swing
    John and Rebecca on a bench
    And again
    And finally, Rebecca and John and Julia and Zach on Astor Place.

    Jennifer Stanley's wedding announcement in the Nov 16 edition of the New York Times.

  • Oct 27: Tricia Turner sent in a few more gems from the summer marriage season: In Turkey, Markus and Serra's wedding provided these photo-ops: On a sun-kissed terrace overlooking the Bosphorus, and later, rather not knowing where to look, at the party. At Veronique and Reyer's wedding, the bride and Zach Messitte pose for a picture that looks even better in sepia tones.

  • Oct 21: Sophia Verykios and Jansci Strohmayer got married on a beautiful early September day in Greece. Innumerable SAISers were present. The bride was radiant, by all accounts. As with all recent weddings, the occasion was an excuse for SAISers to get together, including some not recently in the spotlight posing with Rosa Emila Moreno (whose pictures these are) [Thanos Kafopoulos] and [Mike Delucia]. Julia Aledort was there among friends (note Jansci's waistcoat), as well as Maria Teresa Roque and Netta Korin.

  • Sep 23: Markus Jelitto (a.k.a. Hannibal Lecter) sent in these pictures of his and Serra's wedding party in Istanbul this summer, which came replete with bodacious dancers, slinky dresses (Markus wants to know why these two are in almost every single shot on this page, but then sends me this picture) and a lot of SAIS people. This is what a Tricia Sandwich looks like; and here is a before and after shot of Markus with friends drinking heavily.

    Markus also sent in this picture from Veronique and Reyer's wedding, in which there are many things that made us go hmmm...

  • Sep 22: Pictures of Gioia and Sebastian's wedding in Bologna earlier this year are beginning to filter through to the site, and based on the photographic evidence alone it seems that there was a lot of eating perpetrated by the SAIS contingent: Not just at the wedding feast, but also on the Piazza Maggiore, in restaurants and at a picnic in the fields outside the city (strange facial expressions were left unexplained). And then there was dessert.

    Also, some early (and weird) shots from Veronique and Reyer's wedding: 1) A (large) group shot that looks like it was taken in the 20s; 2) Unintended art, showing part of the lovely garden where the reception was held; 3) Intended art, taken late at night when the bride threw her bouquet; 4) Another reason why the wedding was reminiscent of the Great Gatsby; and 5) some SAIS guests at the reception closer up.

    And finally, nostalgia in the form of photos from a DC SAIS party with a definite Turkish and Greek tilt. It was well attended, if at times a bit rowdy.

  • Sep 10: Some more memorable SAIS DC moments etched on film from the archives of Martin Buhr: A 29 Palms group photo, a graduation-day photo-op, and a one-man Australian monetary wake-up call for all-too many of us, surrounded by some fawning students.

  • Jly 15: Joachim Alpen was on a visit to the US from Moscow, with these pictures in tow: Tom "Freddie Mercury" Jacobs struts the latest in Kirgiz male fashion while on a visit to Moscow; John "Eurof" Uppington came to visit as well but has to contend with his namesake, Uppington.

  • Jun 1: Washington DC lives on after graduation, often in shocking pink and pearls.

    Tom, John, Rob and Uta before they dispersed to New York and Germany, behaving just like they were old friends.

    Before Markus and Serra lived happily ever after in Swiss bliss they were part of the DC chattering classes, seen casually brunching on N. Carolina beaches, or often engaging in lucid banter.

    Kathleen and Martina tend to be terribly popular at Halloween. Here is why in 1995.

    But not all the action is in DC: Ayse, Tonje and Stefan get happily stuffed at a NY eatery.

  • Apr 26: See Craig Jacoby's unorthodox marriage proposal in the South Pacific. (You can read all about it in last year's news somewhere)

  • Apr 9: What makes everyone smile at SAIS parties? Julia Holman's pictures of New Year's eve in New York illustrate this point. Could the promise of a random snog have elicited these silly grins? Or perhaps it's the male bonding thing? Maybe its because we're all just good friends (and family, actually--that's my sister in the middle). Send in more evidence if you have it.

  • Mar 27: Martin Buhr's extensive archive of SAIS misadventures is being declassified. In his particular case Europe played a pivotal role in his 1st-year education: Bologna offered social-ist drinkers, not so close shaves with the Sicilian Mafia, fancier dress balls, and the early, early signs of the current wedding shockwave: can you spot the successful proto-couple on their way to Vienna?

    It was not all just fun and games. The Sighs Pantomime took a lot of effort, close coordination and teamwork. Often, dinner conversation was serious. And if all these activities did not offer sufficient windows of romantic opportunity, the end-of-the-year reception on the roof was for many a bittersweet moment of last longing glances and "what if?" scenarios.

    The next installment will cover DC: Life got more serious there.

  • Mar 10, 1997: Ayse Ilkorur (a.k.a. Morticia) was responsible for some gruesome pictures of halloween '96 in Washington, DC. Soon after, a picture of Osten during his visit to New York inadvertently chronicled the last hours of Stefan's hair. And with the current spate of marriages, this Bologna flash-back is once again pertinent.

  • Oct 22: Visits this summer are grossly underdocumented, but here is a start: Joachim Alpen and myself, visibly fuzzy from an unspecified hangover, in the East Village, courtesy of Elise Galaty. All models are wearing real hair. A rarer SAIS foursome in Atlanta--read all about the trip to Atlanta by Jame and myself in this month's newsroom.

  • SAIS parties: Of many parties held during the year at SAIS, two were notable for SAISers outing their alter egos. At Carrie, Beth, Ainoa, Arend et al, 70's guys and 70's babes frolicked to groovy tunes, making love not war. A halloween party saw such sights as Amazons and biker chicks, but it were the the hosts that were not to be outdone in their prescient personification of their future careers.

  • Bologna chronicle: The fabled Bologna experience encompassed both the peaks of artistic triumph and the depths of nihilistic pining; the ravages of alcoholic excess at Bambi bar and the civilized conversational intricacies of Lady Violet; the icons of Americana and the bastions of old-world charm.


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